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You make me want to skip parenting and go straight to grandparenting. This is so sweet and cute! Love it.
Wow! I hope I learn how to be that fun. Wonderfully written.
Lots of action in this one, that made it a fun read. Here's a grandma in the know when it comes to grandkids...Hannah Montana and all. Good job!
Absolutely delightful in EVERY way. I want this grandma with a PASSION (and I want to BE her some day!).

This may have just been me (usually is), but the tone of a couple of her "asides" seemed a bit "off" for the piece. Not sure I can explain what I mean, but felt led to mention it.

I really LOVED this!
I can't wait to be a Grandma, too, and I aspire to be one as crazy and fun as this one! What a wonderful place for any child to visit and what a wonderful Grandma to visit with. Love it!
Love the dialogue. This is one "hip" granny. Well done.
Love this! This is the grandma I would love to be, too, when its my turn, that is:) What a great story!
I love this grandma, too! You've created a real winner.

Pieces like this bring out the English teacher in me, though--it's written masterfully, but it's lacking in conflict, which is an element that really pulls the reader along. This is purely a person preference, though--there are tons of readers who enjoy the sweetness in stories like this.

Great title, and lovely story.
Being a grandmother is a wonderful occupation, and the grandmother in your story is so much fun.

I love the flow of this. The princess hat and the tiara were a lovely touch.

Loved it. Period.:)
You've set a new and very high standard for FUN!
This is just the cutest and sweetest thing. If there was a prize for that, you'd win hands down!! But seriously, this was such a delightful read and I loved every minute of it!
This is precious, I loved every part of it from start to finish. Well done!
Such a fun grandmother! This was a joy to read. Thanks!
Loving diversion - simple, pure love - loved it!
What a way to spend the day! Great story, loved the way she connected on the grandaughter's level.
Love the interaction of grandma and granddaughter and the wonderful humor. This is a delight!
Oh, if I could only be half the mom this grandma is! How cool is she! Thanks for lightening my spirit and giving me hope for the future...
Oooh-I absolutely LOVED this one! One of my favorites for this week. It is so precious-and lol-It would be fun to have a Grandmother like this! I loved your last line with "more flattering words" that made me laugh out loud. The little details, the glow-in-the-dark ping pong ball and the tiara, it made this very special. Excellent writing! ^_^
Excellent choice, Miss Taylor. You are now deemed an Excellent Snack Picker Extraordinaire, not to be confused with a Noted Nose Picker Extraordinaire.

That line made me chuckle.

This has to be the COOLEST grandma ever, and this story has to be one of the best I have read this week. Your writing always shines, Betty. :)
This made me think of the times I have with my granddaughters especially the snacking part. Us girls know how to snack. Loved it!