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In my opinion, this line is brilliant: "It would be like asking which raindrop grew a garden or which leaf of a tree makes it full." Lovely tribute.
Just wonderful. I agree with the above comment...that sentence about "which raindrop grew a garden" was a touch of genius. Thanks for the beautiful entry.
Stunningly beautiful and magically atmospheric. Masterful .
This is masterfully done! One of my favorites this week and one I will save as it brings to focus how grandparents are not the same to every grandchild-some bonds are more precious. Your descriptions are dreamlike and vivid.
This is one of my favorite entries this week. The 7th paragraph is masterful. And the imagery of "...and Billy, flying free through the towering corn" is my favorite. Fantastic!
This is gorgeous through and through, but your first four paragraphs and the last one stand out far above any entry this week.
Lovely imagery, beautifully written. This is wonderful.
This is such a beautiful piece. Your descriptions brought me right into that house and your memories.
This is a beautiful tribute--and written in such a captivating voice.

My grandma had a yellow canary, too--Buddy. :)
Gave me goosebumps as I read this. Yellow is my favorite color, but I felt that I saw the personality of it in this special piece. Grandmas are definitely to be cherished-along with the lessons that come in the garden. This was great-excellent writing! ^_^
This is magnificent, full of atmosphere and memories. I agree, the line about "which raindrop grew a garden...." is brilliant.
This would have to be one of the best entries I have read this week. The descriptions and memories of your MC are just so wonderfully warm and full of nostalgia. A true masterpiece.
So much beautiful imagery and memories here. I especially loved the line about the raindrop in the garden, and the ending was perfect. Well done.
Oh Loren, once again you have captured my heart, transported me through time, and reminded me of the most precious things in life. You make me want to be the mother/grandmother (one day) that a child looks back on just like this. Congratulations on your wins. They are well deserved.
***Congratulations!*** ^_^
Congratulations on your EC, Loren. This is a very special piece.
So sorry that I missed this earlier. You rendered your past with great skill. I have no more words, I'm in awe of the feeling and the glimpses into two lives. THANKS!
I cannot find any words that haven't already been said. This entry is so masterfully done as to leave me breathless. I didn't want the poem to end. I wanted to linger in that room just a little longer and inhale its quiet, muted beauty.
Congrats. This is a beautiful story and I love the yellow theme woven through it.
Oh, Loren, no wonder you won! This is a lovely piece that allowed me to "see" your grandma, her room, her garden, her wisdom!

I am going through my parent's home right now as the administrator of their estate, and so many things are speaking to me of them, too. Your piece brought me a kind of comfort in reminding me of the precious memories I hold of my own grandma and now of my mom and dad.

Your writing is so moving, so rich, so wise. Thank you!
Stunningly beautiful words. This has a haunting feel to it. I wanted to pick a favorite line but there are just too many. Congrats on your EC - as always, you blew me away with your writing. I'm so glad to see you on the list!! Cat
Most grandmothers are just where you want to be. Beautiful rememberance!
Loren, I'm going to feature this lyrical story on the Front Page showcase for the week of September 22. Look for it on the FW Home page, and congratulations!
If you were teaching a class on writing I would sign up yesterday! Incredible use of words painting pictures in the reader's mind. It surely takes me back to houses, gardens and grandmas I have known. Thank you.
Beautiful! Like all the others your words painted the beautiful memory of a special relationship. It held my attention until the end. Wonderful piece.