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What a wonderful thought - and what wonderful characters you have created. Delightful. It took me quite a while to figure out who the characters were, but when I did, I was amazed at the creativity. Lovely.
Ditto what Joanne said. I was thinking, "Huh? Huh? Ohhhhhh. Wow, that's good."
Incredibly creative POV...Loved it.
I have to agree with the others. I was trying to figure it all out but that made the story exciting and fun...trying to figure out what direction it would take. And what an exciting discovery when it all came together. Very intriguing story. WOWsers!!!!!!
Never thought of that before:the first generation had no grandparents but GOD. Awesome thought, isn't it? But then, He's our FATHER!
What a creative story. And even though I was wondering what was happening, your writing is very clear and easy to understand. Superb job. Great characters. Bravo.
What a great thought. You had me trying to solve your mystery the whole time.
I like the way you led me along, trying to figure out what the mystery was. This is very creative and a good read.
Wow! Extremely creative and very well written!
VERY creative! I enjoyed this immensely--was trying to work it out as I read it, and I really appreciated the aha! moment. Cool!
I'm sitting here grinning like a fool. This was probably the most unique POV I've ever read. I loved this story. Well done Gerry, well done!
You always like to take things from a different POV, don't you Jerry? Good job, as always.
Excellent piece, really makes you thing about the relationship they had.
What a unique POV here! I was really getting into the story, when I discovered it was THE Seth-and that made the story all the more wonderful to read. I especially loved the character of his little sister and the mango-heehee, poor mango, it never did get eaten. ^_^ Nice job!
This definitely belongs in masters, what comes after that--must by betting published. This was excellent!