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I loved this. With 8 of us in our home, I too value my "alone" time.
Fun story! Seemed like such a good opportunity, hehe. I was at a house once where the neighbors had an above-ground pool, too, only their kids liked to skinny dip! :-o Be glad you had a suit!
The descriptions and the humor make this a wonderful story. I loved it.
This is sooo funny. I can certainly relate! I am glad we live in the country, far away from neighbors and I'm sure any would-be neighbors are glad, too!
All I can say is...where can I buy one of those swimsuits??:P
Great descriptions and characterization, dear Dee. This one sounded like good therapy for you - and I LOVED reading it.
SOOOO funny! Oh Dee, I love this! Your writing is always so appealing, and this is definitely one of the best.
Oh, this is just charming! SO cute and funny. There were so many things I loved but I think my favorite has to be, "I look like that marshmallowy thing that sells tires..." Now, THAT'S a visual, LOL! Thanks for a delightful entry!
I love the MC--hilarious. Such a typical 'woman' voice.

In California, we have high fences around our backyards--so unless our neighbors are peeking over, this wouldn't happen. Thankfully.

Fun piece Dee. Great job.
One word: Hilarious.
As a sister past the 1/2 century mark...I howled and howled and howled! Great story! But, I will make sure I never paint my toes any neon color!
This was a hoot! I loved your MC's "I look like that marshmallowy thing that sells tires, rolls of flesh poufing out from under the suit in every direction." Oh yeah, I can relate to that :)
So well done Dee!
Ha..Ha..Ha.. I love the lines of vericose veins and cottage cheese. I've gotten prematurally excited over a bathing suit too.
This must have been fun to write. Thanks for the laugh.
Yah - I put my bathing suit away a few years ago... now I'm kinda glad I did. This was hilarious - thanks for a good laugh!!
I felt for your MC, the need for time alone and all the agony of our aging bodies. Thanks for the romp.
How did you get alone time and I didn't?!? LOL--I LOVE this!! The humor sparkled from start to finish--and you understand that magic word...alone. *sigh*
Super-duper job!! (I'm still chuckling!!)
"I run down the hallway, doing a Tom Cruise slide as I enter the bathroom."

"I look like that marshmallowy thing that sells tires"

The lines above are just a couple that made me chuckle. This story was hilarious and so much fun!

I hope you place high this week, because this story is a masterpiece. :)
heehee! Aww, poor Liz! I'm with her on the Spa deal! I loved the build up to getting some time alone to hang out in her own pool. I loved your title too-it's fun to know I'm not the only one who likes to cheer myself up with a colorful mani/pedi.

RED INK: this line seemed awkward for me: "Inside are tucked girlie necessities" Otherwise, really fun read! ^_^
Thank for lifiting my spirits today. I think I've had a few neighbors just like her, and now I can see it from her POV. : ) Well done and thanks again.