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Very very creative. The ending I found a tad strange because angels are always in and out of heaven, but otherwise this was very clever.
This story is excellently told. Each time I take communion, I am once again remembering Jesus and His anguish at Golgotha.
A very different, but very, very well told story. I really never thought before what might have caused the man on the cross to turn to Jesus. Good job Joanne! Right on target too.
I absolutely LOVE this. What a creative and wonderful perspective. And so appropriate too with Easter only a week away.
Not much to nit-pick here. Bravo! Bravo!
This drew me in and held me to the end. It was very original.One of my favorites this week.
Joanne, this is beyond creative--just outstanding in every way.

I'll admit that the line about the Lord winking at Akiva while He was on the cross doesn't quite work for me, but that's purely subjective on my part.

This was very visual, very stunning--awesome!
This is wonderful! What a beautiful and very creative illustration of the topic. I agree with Jan on the "wink"...think perhaps I would have made it a hint of a smile or something like that, but that is only a very tiny mark of red ink on an otherwise fabulous entry! Very well done!
This was really powerful and thought provoking.
When we get to Heaven, we'll know what caused the two thieves to make their choices and maybe this story is illustrative of the reason! Wonderfully descriptive and powerful.
I didn't make the connection right away, but when I did, and had to start reading it over again, I thought it was very kool and creative, and maybe very creative on some parts, but none the less, your point was well communicated. God bless.
SOOOO creative. I like the ideas of angels being at the crucifixion. You've outdone yourself, Joanne!
This was ... and we all said Amen! ... very diffrent and unique. Great job. I just watched The Passion of Jesus last night and I think the "wink" from Jesus doesn't quite fit his anguish and suffering. But the rest ... Wow!... I loved!
Wonderful! I love your POV. Even though I guessed at the beginning who the 3 men might be, I liked that you didn't reveal it immediately. It also was a little while before I was sure who Akiva was.
I don't know how much breathing room you had with the word count, but a little more description would have been nice.
I'm enjoying your interesting views of familiar Bible stories.
Thank you for writing this.
Wow this was such a unique way of telling this story. I always get emotional when I think about the thief on the cross and what Jesus said to him.

I like your creativity with this Joanne. Very well done. :)
I felt sorry for poor Akiva, I wouldn't have wanted that job. Subtle but perfect for the topic. Thanks for another Bible story retold so well.
The patient suffering of the Savior and the uncompromising service of a disheartened witness all wrapped up in such a descriptive and passionate setting! Wonderful!
Another beautiful job, Joanne. I love what you have done with Bible stories this quarter.
A totally different outlook on the thief's repentance. Your imagination continues to astound me. Wonderful job, Jo!
I had no idea where you were going at first, and I mean this in a good way. You surprised me with the angel's task. What a great idea for your story.
Oh, WOW!
How did you Ever come up with this idea? Sooooooo good! (and so timely!) I love the twinkle of humor that Akiva has--it's just enough to off-set that terrible event (physically speaking). Super-duper job! I love it!!
And the Level Four creativity Award goes to.... Joanne Sher. (Great name by the way). Brave, crisp, imaginative writing with a Master's skill. Loved the title as well.
Perfect timing for this piece at Easter Tide. And the reference to Isaiah is one I hold onto faithfully. Great job, Joanne.
Oh I do like Akiva. What does the name mean? It's very nice. I really like how you showed this-from a really new point of view and made it personal. Often it's so broad in rewrites that there's not a whole lot to relate to, but this, this was down to earth! One of my favorites this week! Really well done. ^_^
What an original, creative, powerful story! It was expertly written. You truly show the depths of God's love for every one of us. Great job. :-)
Very well told story. I really enjoyed it thanks for sharing.