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This tender story brought both chuckles and tears.

I realize this was from the daughter-in-law's POV, but would have liked to have seen something of the son besides a passing mention. I also realize that the word count may have hampered you.
I loved this :) especially this line: God left one part intact, the part that could still praise His Name
Love your sentiments concerning this beautiful lady. Love the understatement of a magnificent heart. Love the undramatic sense of reality.
I LOVE grammy. This is so sweet and tender. You did an amazing job of characterization with her especially. Knowing this is true is special. What an amazing legacy.
What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.
Oh! What a story. It makes me wonder how I will be when I get to this point in life. Thank you so much for sharing this!
Oh, beautiful! I found myself thinking, where is the topic, until I got to the last paragraph and it hit me with a gulp. Very, very good.
This is so beautiful! I was there with you for every word and appreciated it so much. Those elders are so precious! Especially those whose love for the Lord shines through even when their other faculties are failing. I was privileged to care for my lovely little Mother-in-law here in our home her last ten months, and also recently lost my own Mom, so could really relate to this beautiful piece. Thanks so much for writing it!
I loved this beautiful story. You described your mother-in-law with her not perfect appearance and actions, but with such love. I thought the "God-part intact" was wonderful.
Very touching. Your point is made beautifully and really makes me think about how much I allow my Savior to reside in my heart and mind. Hopefully, enough to make a difference in someone else's life, even when I can't fully be aware of what I do and say.
Love Grammy stories. Very good job, writing spot on, and the ending tied it all up nice. Great job. God bless.
Grammy is one special lady. I'm glad you noted that this story is true. What a beautiful tribute. Well done!
I sure hope that I worship God in my old age just as Grammy did.

This story greatly blessed me. I really appreciate you sharing it.
Grammies sometimes tend to get a bit louder as life takes its toll. I particularly like the collar straightening part. Thanks for a heart-felt story.
I loved the way the final paragraph put the whole piece into focus. How important it is to get our lives right before God now, and then we will be prepared for the later years.
Having volunteered in nursing homes I remember the sight of such "Grammys." There were plenty of grumps but the Grammys who loved the Lord even when they didn't know their children's names were such a blessing to me. Thank you for the reminder!
You touched my heart with this one. I hope that I can do as well with my writing soon.
This was good! (and a true story to boot too. I liked your title and especially the opening. For some reason, thinking of holding the hymn book upside down made me smile and then think of how deeply engrained things like prayers, hymns and the Bible are no matter what age. Isn't that amazing? Great job here! ^_^
You were so kind to read and leave a comment on my "Good News Alphabet," that I had to look you up and get acquainted. This story is a perfect introduction. What a kindred spirit you are!

One thing they taught us in nurses training which I relate to the grandchildren is how important it is to memorize the Word when young, since "the first things you learn are the last that you lose." God's peace be with you!
This brought me to tears. I've not closely experienced the effects of alzheimer's on a family, but have watched a friend, as an outsider, deal with her mom's receding memories.

This is absolutely beautiful and packs a powerful punch at the end.