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This may be the most beautiful thing I've ever read. Seriously. I'm stunned speechless.
WOW! This is... stunning!
Superb hardly covers it!
Thank you!
This needs to be sent somewhere for publishing. A wider audience needs to enjoy it... masterful and touching and awesome... no words really do it justice.
The mystery of who and why, which you never specify, draws me irresistably to the last word. Like the repeated gurgle from a gentle brook, the tiny refrain laps at my mind moving it deeper into this moment until I find myself a witness to your epiphany of agape. Agape... as close as the coma-curled hand of one's beloved. Your piece is a spiral enclosing The Golden Thread.
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Wow. Masterful. Astoundingly lovely.
A wonderful love story told in beautiful words. The metaphor of the golden thread is awesome throughout. Masterful
You've left me speechless and yet I feel I must comment on this beautiful poem. You touched me deeply!
Very, very well done.

God bless!!!!!!
This is so well done! It almost seems to need a melody to carry it to others! I agree, it should be published!
Heart-felt and touching, thanks for sharing this piece of peace.
Oh, this is so beautiful! I was especially touched by the 3rd from bottom paragraph.
This was beyond was superb. I loved it.
Okay, you're going to make me cry here! This is so precious! Beautifully written, the golden thread is one I wish for all, to have that special-ness sort of thing. You did so well here with descriptions and the repeating verse, I love how it changed the last line in the very end. This is truly beautiful-a new favorite of mine! ^_^
This is so incredibly beautiful. Masterful. Dare I say perfect? I am in awe.
Beyond beautiful. One of the most heartfelt pieces I've read in a while. You have great range. A true Masters talent. Thanks for the inspiration.
***Congratulations, Loren! This was truly an amazing place-awesome writing! ***
Congratulations, Loren. I absolutely loved this. The line that begins "If I were a poet, I would make much..." has stayed with me ever since I read it. Of course, you are a poet!
Congratulations on your EC, Loren. This is absolutely beautiful. Heart piercing. Wonderful job with the topic.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Did I mention this was beautiful? Bravo and congrats on placing.
Oh, Loren. I'm all choked up and at a loss as to what to say. So beautiful and haunting. Your writing is first class. Congratulations on your WELL DESERVED EC!!!!
If you were a poet?
There are many who put on airs, calling themselves poets. But you breathe the air of poetry. There's a world of difference.

A remarkable work.

If you were a poet?
IF??? My thoughts exactly.