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I like how you wove a thread of tender love story in to the familiar preparing for winter theme.
I could see it all happening and hear the wind through the pine trees (I love wind blowing through pine trees). Well written and great 'showing' throughout the story. Well done!
This beautifully descriptive story is masterful in every way. Awesome story telling.
What a beautiful piece! I loved it, and I loved the way you wove past and present together.
Quite an engaging read. Sad but also encouraging that the children came to appreciate what they had come to learn throughout the tragedy and prelude.
What a gentle, beautiful story. I loved how you wove all the details together and painted the picture. Wonderful.
This story is told in the way that only you can, Mid. The realistic, lovely descriptions put me right in the middle of it. I love the sense of history, too. Very, very well done.
Wow, what a beautiful story and the message so sweetly stated. Loved it!!
Mid, congrats on your win! The story was absolutely beautiful, touching, teaching, and real. Those of us who have mild winters need to be reminded of the harshness of bitter snow storms and frozen ground. What a wonderful illustration of our topic.. well done AND a very deserving win!!
Just Beautiful, Mid. Congratulations on a much deserved win!
I loved the way you used your words to descibe this story. Almost like a lullaby. Good to see you back and congratulations on placing! Loren
Oh you are SO good here! I love this piece, ***Congrats on your well-deserved EC!***
I really loved your descriptions here, especially how you took the wind and sort of turned it into a character of itself by giving it such personality. It was a little sad to know that her parents had died, but I loved the ending with the two roses on the windowsill and how she'd take her mother's velvet ribbon out, come winter. Awesome writing! ^_^
Truly heart-warming entry. I enjoyed rading this. Thanks for coming back and blessing us.
Oh, Mid - no wonder you got first. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and wonderful and perfect for the topic. This truly, truly blessed me. Exquisite.
Congratulations, Mid, on your EC. This is absolutely outstanding. I love the way you describe the flowers, and the rest of the setting. You put the reader right in the middle of the story. Excellent example of the proverb. Way to go. Woo Hoo. Okay, I'm done now. :)
You. Are. The. Best.
I am taking this opportunity to face Indiana and genuflect. Just when I think you can't write any better, you do! I am vastly impressed and pray that through osmosis some of this writing genius will seep over into me. (Fat chance!)
Mid - I loved this story - the images, Laura's characterization - all neatly tied up in a brown ribbon that changed to blue with your win! Bless you.
Congrats Mid!! Wonderful story!
Congratulations, Mid. Beautiful descriptions, and so on topic!
Oh, Mid what a precious and wonderful story. This touched my heart and it was so well written. Congrats on a well-deserved win!
This is breathtakingly beautiful! I loved each word. When you write, it's like looking at a materpiece painting. Such rich details. Very well deserved win. Blessings!
I want to write like this when I grow up! :) Congrats, Mid, this entry was beautiful!
Loved this piece! Very well done. Congrats on the win.
I love this story! Your descriptions are exquisite, and the ending is simply perfect. I've been SO busy, that I'm just now getting around to reading it, but I'm glad I took the time!