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This is too funny!! He is such a man. I love the way you get the reader inside his myopic, simple-minded brain. Very creative story for this topic.
This is soooo funny. I love how you slowly revealed what was going on. I couldn't wait to read the next entry and get to the end. Especially loved the part where he asked her for names of suitable women. I needed a laugh today, thanks!
Oh, my! What a great piece. I loved it! Thanks for the laughs.
A fun read and chuckle, indeed.
Oh my, what a complete dufus! Dr Lipinsky may be a bright scientist, but as a human being he's blown a fuse, poor sap. This was so funny. Well done.
And I thought he was going to come to his senses and get the girl. Silly me. Great ending!
I love it! Perfect characterization of the man who is so brilliant he misses the basics--I know a few like that.
What an amusing and creative take on the subject. Poor guy wasted such a wonderful opportunity.
Haha; this was really funny, and I loved your understated wit.
You have such a grand sense of humor, this was soooo fun to read.
03/16/08 first, I misread the line to read that SHE offered him the names of the women without him asking. I was feeling sorry for the poor and geeky doc. But when I realized what the sentence really said, I laughed out loud. Great way to show the negative outcome of NOT making hay when the sun still shines. Great job!
This is so funny. I could picture it all. Pour Dr. Lipinksy. I hope he soon has a 'duh' moment!
Too funny. I got a good giggle out of this one! As always, wonderfully creative work! What will you write next?
Just a delightfully funny picture of a "clueless" male. I loved the conclusion.
Very good. Very funny. The end caught me by surprise but fitted his character perfectly.
So clever and fun - this MUST have been loads of fun to write. I love his "scientific language", and how clearly clueless he was. Delightful!
Jan, this made my day! I've met many a man like this in Science through the years and the depth of their "cluelessness" knows no bounds, believe me! (Especially when it comes to romance. Makes me wonder how any scientist-type male makes it to the altar.) Love these characters-and the ending!
HAHAHAHA! This is fun!
What a great read. Men can be SO dense in the arena of romance...hilarious! I loved it.
I was thinking, this is a lot of set up, the joke better be good, and it was far better than good. Way to deliver. Another keeper. God bless.
I really, really liked this voice! Sounded just as a dippy scientist would sound right down to the last line.
Your wit amazes me!
Poor Dr. Lipinsky...He needs help in communications!
You're driving me crazy wondering what the different samples are. I liked the little comments that showed he was attracted, even if he didn't. (smile)
Very well done.
Thank you for writing this.
At first you had me thinking along the lines of Plato who said we can never see things truly as they are because our observing them, changes them. Then, you took a new direction (observations in the dark) and I began to wonder, where is this headed??? And then I was own laughter lifting me out of the dark. So, funny and unexpected which makes it a true delight!
"She suggested that I do something with Sample 8 that I believe to be anatomically impossible"

LOL! This story was awesome! We have a family friend just like this. He is a very smart guy, and yet he lacks the brainpower to figure out the simple stuff.

The scientific jargon provided great realism to your hilarious story.

Jan, God has given you such a great gift. I'm so glad that you share it with all of us. :)

You fooled me, I thought she was making the moves for a couple days. What crativity. Great ending.
Too funny! A clueless, brilliant man. I loved it.
I have been reading many serious entries today and about ahlf-way through this I realized I needed to relax and "go with it." Quite funny and entertaining!
You have to know that you have described a perfect scientist! This made me laugh out loud!! Excellent story.
Jan, how did you know about my ex-husband?? Jus' kiddin'.
Masterful story from a master!
LoLLLoL. Such a fun read! Talk about capturing a person--wow, you got him! :)
Expertly clever. You made me wait so long for the punch I was getting angry, but I knew you would deliver the Master's touch at the end, which you did. Impressive again, Jan. If I could only write a sentence longer than four words...
Oh that poor, completely clueless fellow! LOL! By the time I saw where this was going, I was chuckling at every new entry! I feel so sorry for his assistant, she was really trying and then he had to go and well-lol. Very good with the characters. I felt as if I knew the assistant, even though I only saw her through his eyes. That's neat! ^_^
What a fun, interesting, creative story...loved the humor ...and description of the mind of the you know my engineer hubby? Kidding but not... great fun and really on topic on the downside of missing the boat..Love the creative gift you have.. is there a pill?
I love this. It's original and very funny. What a clueless fellow that brainiac is! Great job. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.