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What an excellent illustration of the topic. The writer accomplished neither winter preparation nor writing it seems, but apparently learned his lesson at last. Nice piece.
You have some beautiful descriptions here. I'm guessing that the novel was never finished. :)
Your descriptive writing is awesome, and each new entry pushes the topic forward a little more. I love the concluding entry.
This story is just what I like. The point is clearly seen, yet the story is still interesting. Well done.
Nicely done! Well-crafted and clear, precise writing. Very creative format for the topic this week. Bravo!
oh boy, now that was a hard way to learn a lesson. Nice touches of humor along the way. Great story. Right on topic!
I loved the subtle way that even his writing changed over the months--became testier, less lovely. Perfect!
I would love to hear Mr Wilson's take on his new neighbor.Great take on the topic.
I love the progression of this, and how well it illustrates the topic. Great descriptions too. Lovely.
Poor guy-even when you're starving, it's hard to eat crow! You represented the topic well and your characters are very well described. I really enjoyed reading about this less-than-prepared writer.
What a great illustration of the topic; awesome writing. Loved it.
Very well written. Thank God for Mr. Wilson. The story had a gentle pace and made the read enjoyable. Great work. God bless.
I love your descriptions of the area--I felt like I was there. This reminded me of the Grasshopper and the Ant story--a great fable my mom used to tell me. Nice job with the topic.
Vivid description, great voice, right on topic. Very well written, too.
Right on topic. This is very well written and entertaining. Good job!
I love this. It's a grat demonstration of the topic and the lesson he learned. It was neat seeing his progression as the months went by.
A very cool and unique way of demonstrating this week's topic. I really liked the format and the progression of this story.

Old Man Wilson definitely knew what he was doing. Good thing he had compassion on the writer, otherwise he would have been in a world of hurt for not listening.

Thank you so much for sharing.
Thanks for the hint, I looove Old Man Wilson. Perfect for topic. We think we are so smart,,,,,Thanks for a great read.
Thanks for the hint, I looove Old Man Wilson. Perfect for topic. We think we are so smart,,,,,Thanks for a great read.
What a wonderful, engaging read. On topic so many times too, and, great to see the MC learn his lesson by the end.
The descriptions here are wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this and realize I too need to begin my potato planting!
An excellent story! Makes me want to begin my gardens. You describe a very nice place, made me want to be there too!
So descriptive! It sounded like Alaska. That's where I'd like to retire and write.
Of course, after this, I'd take a lesson from Mr. Wilson and stock up for winter.
I liked his gentle reminders. I expect he stocked extra for the "city guy".
Wonderful writing.
heehee, poor guy, he should've listenly to kindly Old Man Wilson. I hope he prepares for next winter and then he can sit in and write plenty of novels! You did great with the topic here, I like it! Nice job! ^_^