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Great job with atmosphere and mood, especially in the first part of this. Your descriptions were so vivid and realistic, I felt like I was there (I even cringed when I "saw" that rat thing!).
The second part was not quite as engaging - your descriptions became less crisp and vivid. I loved the find, though!
Ewww, Rats! I like the title and the surprise find in the attic. You definitely made your case for the topic.
Nice job! Creative storyline, perfectly on topic with a great title. Too fun!
Oh the joys of finding critters in your attic. What a find, though, and definitely worth the critters. Great example of the topic!
I Loved the exterminator's voice! Your characters were fab!
I TRULY enjoyed this story!
Fun story--even with the rats. ;-) ( I can hear the scritching sound.)
Got a bit confused between Jerry and Roger. Apart from that, sympathised with your 'feeling' about the rats
- been there, done that - but did not come out any the richer! God bless you.
AAH HAA! Is it Jerry, AKA Roger. This was fun for me, we've had a few critters in our attic butno silver linings.
Bowls of the attic heh? (do I win?)LOL .... Awesome and fun story!! I loved it!
I loved this: " Of course I only hear it after he goes to sleep."
Heehee...always the case. Great story!
heehee, that bit with the rats...pure genius. Is the typo something to do with Roger and Jerry? I kinda got mixed up there, though I thought they were the same I liked how it turned out that the rats in the attic led to quite a surprise in $$$. Nice job! ^_^
We had a scritchy, scratchy night time visitor recently!
Cute story. Is the mistake "bowls" of the attic or Jerry/Roger?
Your crativity shines through as usual. I loved the details of the rat/clouds and the silver lining, especially. I found the two errors Mandy mentions. Keep it up!
Delightful, and one of my favorites, topic-wise. I enjoyed this very much.
This was so incredibly believeable. I remember when mice overran my house. I'm still shuddering. Ugh. Great story. Kind of makes me wonder where Gran got the treasure in the first place. Perhaps there's a sequel coming? Pretty please?
Congratulations on your EC! I'm so glad this made it, heehee, awesome writing! ^_^
Congratulations on achieving EC for a really fascinating story.
What a delightfully creative entry! Congrats on the EC!!!
Congratulations on your EC, Catrina. This is a very cute story, and a great example of the topic. Nice job.
WOOWOO - dunno what else to say. :D
Having lived in an old farm house, I enjoyed reading this! :) I especially liked your mention of "rat droppings." :) Congrats on placing with this fun entry.