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I could hear her murmuring this as she sat and rocked him. Nicely done.
Beautiful rendering of Naomi holding Obed. I enjoyed this portrayal. Favorite part?--the recurring refrain about God's goodness. Well done.
Very poetic like. One of my favorite Bible accounts. I could tell you have a great heart.
Very moving, I especially was drawn to the repeated last sentences of each paragraph, redeemed, rewarded, restored, what more should we want.
I love the entire book of Ruth. You did a good job giving us a behind the scenes peek at a portion of it. Well done.
Oh, just beautiful. Anointed piece.
I absolutely love this...
I think the title is okay, the story is so well done, that by the time we reach the end, I don't need to know that it's based on the Book of Ruth, because I knew it could only be Naomi with a grandson named Obed. lol. This was really good, the descriptions were great, especially the repeating lines with the baby. I liked it. ^_^
I love this--especially the several times where you contrasted Obed's baby-ness with Naomi's age. Just beautiful.
I love this, Sharlyn - so sweet and delicate, and the language is absolutely beautiful. A wonderful Bible story choice for this topic (I picked it too hehe). What makes you think you missed the mark, my friend? I don't see it.
How did you miss the mark? This was beautiful, well written and charming. It was also a unique approach to a familiar bible story. I liked it very much.
I enjoyed this rendition of Naomi and Obed!
I love the Book of Ruth. Beautiful writing! I really enjoyed this.
Every chosen word is perfect and you've paid such attention to Biblical detail. Your example is perfect for the topic.