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A very good example of a silver lining!! I love how you brought these women to life with great details. Great!!
I love the story of Ruth and Noami, and now I feel like I know them. You brought the characters to life. A great choice for the topic, too. Excellent!
So tender and beautiful. Perfect for the topic. Also a great reminder for us today of our responsibility and privilege of ministering to those who are hurting and grieving. We can be their silver lining.
Excellent retelling of this story.
I can't resist a Ruth story. Good choice for the topic. Everything looked bleak--but God had other, greater plans.
ANother superb retelling of a Bible account that is still relevant today. I like the way you added dimensions to the characters and brought them alive for us to hear and see. Great work. God bless.
You fit this wonderful Bibilical account into the topic in a very touching way! Loevely story and great writing.
Great retelling. You did, indeed, bring these women to life for me. Lots of biblical fiction this week, which I'm enjoying. Yours truly stands out. Nicely done!
This is a beautiful rendition of Naomi and Ruth's story. You just get better and better with the retelling of the Bible stories. I can see you adding to this to enter for publication
I loved it...wonderful Bible retelling.
Beautitul re-telling of one of my favorite Bible stories. Thank you!
Oh I do like this version of Ruth's story! It's new and I love to read how Naomi's sadness is always turned to joy at the end. This was so good! ^_^
I have a weak spot for a Ruth and Naomi story! Thanks for this beautiful piece, Joanne
Great narrative. It's funny you asked about the gap. I used the same device in my story this week and hoped it didn't confuse anyone. Keep up the great work.
Well done, Joanne. I like the gap, and it works, ironically, because the story stands perfectly well without the missing details. Oaky, that probably didn't make sense in the least. But I really liked this re-telling of a favorite story.
Masterfully told! I love the title because of the emphasis it places on the story.
One of my favorite Bible storys and you retold it beautifully. Excellent writing as always!
Great story. I love the names in this Biblial account. Some of my favorites. I see why you're in Masters.
Wow, 2 weeks in a row, right? Congratulations, Joanne! Awesome, inspiring writing! ^_^
Joanne, I don't know how I missed reading this. It is SO well written. I could see everything so clearly. It doesn't hurt that I love the book of Ruth, either.
Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations on EC for this wonderful story!
I absolutely love the Book of Ruth. You breathed exciting new life into this already wonderful Bible story.

I can't believe that I overlooked this one when commenting this week! That would have been a tragedy to miss it.

I love how Ruth stayed by Naomi's side, and how God blessed her for doing so.

Wonderful writing Joanne.
WOW! You did it again. Congratulations. Ruth and Naomi are so dear to me, considering my precious relationship with my Mom-in-law, and you brought their story to life like I was there! Beautiful.
Congratulations on your EC, Joanne. You did a beautiful job retelling one of my favorite Bible stories. And a very good story for the topic.
The personal touches are beautiful and gave me chills. As usual, your attention to detail is flawless. This is wonderful. Congrats on your EC!!
Wonderful, Joanne! You have such a gift for making these familiar stories come alive. And I love what you did in terms of the "empty space". To be honest, while reading through it, until I got to your comment at the end, I was thinking...very nice, but it seems a bit choppy or disjointed. Then, when I saw the note at the end, I "got" it...and loved your purpose! Congrats on your well deserved EC!!!
I admit it...I envy your gift for bringing Biblical stories back to life and relating them to the assigned topic so well. Keep up the great writing!
This is lovely. I would never have thought of approaching the topic from this angle. Well done on your EC.