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I could just picture all this happening. I love the Magnificent Man cologne and the incident at the interview is priceless. Well done.
Very good writing. I like the bits of humor thrown in here and there. The MC's voice was excellent. Great illustration of the proverb.
I howled w/ laughter over this one! Superb!
Very humorous and believable, and right on topic.
A memorable character and a funny story. Great job.
I enjoyed the warm chuckles and pleasant read.
Oh, this made me chuckle! The humor was just right and I love that he found something better than being a door greeter. I really like this!
Hilarious! Love this letter. I think withholding this information: "I didn’t learn until much later she had actually said drug test." until the end of that paragraph would it even funnier.

Volunteering at church is a much better outcome to his day, not to mention a possible romance. Love the "p.s.". :) I enjoyed reading this very much!
This is great--humor, a good lesson, lively writing, characters to care about. Fantastic.
Darling! Darling! Darling! This was delightful (and darling)!
So perfect for the topic. Such a fun read. Top notch.
Hope, hope, hope!
You've managed to include so many wonderful elements in this letter. I love the father's tenderness toward his daughter, the bits of humor and the suggestion of possible romance.
You might have felt your title boring, the story, however, was anything but boring. Great energy and joy. Thanks for sharing.
This one is going on my favorites list. I loved it! It was very humorous and had an awesome outcome. One question though...where can I get a bottle of "Magnificent Man" cologne? :)
Where is the Roll On The Floor emoticon when you need it? Oh my goodness!
This was adorable...good job.
Betty this was priceless! I loved the "hug fest" and having her hand on the phone in case the "old geezer" got funny ideas. Just so good, so good.
I love this story! So uplifting and funny. Thanks for sharing.
This is a fun read - and I love the ending... who knows what lurks around the next corner of God's plans for us. Enjoyed this!
Heehee, cute twist with the cologne at the end! I didn't see that coming, but it was a nice surprise and it was definitely something happy-a great silver lining. ^_^
This was so adorable! Hug fest- LOL. Very funny. I might have written the whole thing in italics, though but that's just me. This was delightful and fun and completely charming. By the way, I'll take a hug fest any time. xoxoxo
Betty, this is priceless--I love your "senior citizens" stories. And I don't think the title is bad at all.

One question--how was he able to chat effortlessly with Alice if his hearing aid had gone out during the interview?

I was so happy to see the spark of romance at the end. This is perfectly delightful!
Enjoyable, creative, funny...what an excellent story.
Clever and delightful - and I love your MC. I ALWAYS love your laughs, Betty - thanks for sharing them!
LOL! Congrats on your EC! I'm so glad this piece made it! ^_^
Congratulations, dear Betty, on recognition for this wonderful story. I can't believe how much you told in so few words, and, of course with your usual humor. I loved it.
Congratulations on your EC. This was one of my favorites this week. Excellent job with the topic.
I LOVE this, Betty! I had read through it quickly earlier, but hadn't yet made a comment. What an absolutely charming, well written story. Congrats on the EC!
Woowoo, Betts! Very well-deserved EC! (do you often write in the male perspective? Don't recall any other pieces from that POV, but I could just be not thinking of them)
What a well-deserved win! I'm so proud of you, Betty! God bless your sweet heart!