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Thank you for this incredible story. Yes, something CAN only be learned at midnight. Very good.
Beautiful writing. I was especially touched by these lines: "My cries simply ooze out through the cracks of my broken heart and pool up around me. And the darkness grows deeper." Very intense and descriptive.
Powerful story. I found the transition between the night and the morning to be surprisingly abrupt, but figured it out as I read on. So true how God uses our dark times to let us help others through theirs.
This is a powerful piece of writing. I especially like this quote,"Sunset is coming again; pinks and oranges giving way to the shadows. But all is well. The darkness only prepares us for a new today." All is well because God is in control! Thank you for sharing.
You have included many wonderful elements in this piece. It is touching, beatuiful, heart-rending, and hopeful all at once.
I was totally captured by this story, until the change from the past to the present. It seems like there should have been just a bit of transition.
Fabulous writing - powerful and intense. I got a bit lost at the sudden leap forward in time, but quickly got back on track when I recognized what you were saying. I love this piece, and the lesson it imparts.
What a wealth of emotion here. I stuttered at the time change, but once I understood what was going on it was neat to see how God used those midnight lessons.
I'm so glad I read this. What a blessing. This one's a keeper.
Your wonderful descriptions brought this to life.
Your last 5 sentences are fabulous. "Sorting in my mind..." sentence fragmented, but this story was a masterful piece of writing. As a reader, Thanks.
Beautiful and true. Loved it.
Your last paragraph is a winner! It completely sums up the whole piece, my only note(a teensy bit of red ink), is that I was confused in the quick switch from past to present, I thought he was dreaming about the surgery and then it turned out he wasn't and then they were back to the waiting room and then everything was okay. A slow read put everything in perspective though. ^_^ Nice job!
Beautiful beginning and ending. Vivid descriptions in this piece. Great title, too. Like some of the others, I was a bit confused by the time shift. Overall, an enjoyable story.
Love the way you brought the last and first paragraph together. Beautifully written...great emotions.
Oh yes, this deserves the looong list of comments. Well written, heartfelt, and the final wisdom, so true...