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I think I am going to read this a few more times to unravel the symbolism, but this is an incredible piece of worksimplicity and great depth at the same time. Very good.
This was great writing. The unusual names gave it a feeling of mystery, but the story itself felt familiar, so the mind was eager to understand haow it would all fit together. Nice job.
This reads like a classic fable or folk-tale. Excellent writing. I too will read this again (at least once.)
This is an intriguing piece. Amazing how name reversal can add a sense of mystery. :-)
I enjoyed the 'ancient tale' feel to this and, for one of the few times in my life, was glad for being a backward kind of person. I was able to breeze through the names, enjoy their uniqueness and yet not stumble over them. *grin*
I like this story. I had a little trouble with the names because I did figure them out quickly and got distracted. Finally, I gave up, reversed them in my mind, and went on reading. (so you can't please everyone *grin*). I do like how you fit in the OT and NT and prophecies together. Very, very, very creative and cool.
Okay. WOWZA! I'm so glad I didn't miss this piece, there's so much inside of it, I think I'm going to go read it again to make sure it sticks with me. The names, the setting and everything. It was so beautifully crafted together! I loved it, especially the ending. Some really, really awesome writing! ^_^