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Lilyanna...what a great title! I love your characterizations.
I LOVE this. Your MC is perfect. I love her sanguine nature. Stories about the elderly are some of my favorites. I am dying to know who wrote this.
What a lovely person you've created in Lilyanna! :) An uplifting and joyfilled story.
Thank God for the Lily's and how they spread cheer and hope. Very nice story and enjoyable to read.
If only there were more "Pollyannas" in the world. Inspiring.
Two of my daughters work with the elderly and from what they share, this is so right on. Whatever we project when we were younger is exaggerated when we get older.. the bad, the good and the ugly. What a beautiful story..not a Pollyanna when its true joy!
I was conflicted reading this and with a daughter named Liliana (Lily) I was thrilled at the title. I really liked the character and the use of the topic throughout, with an exclamation at the end. I did see some things to consider: First, the author types Lilyanna as the title and name in the first line, then switches to Lily. Not a huge deal, but consistency helps the title and mood. The dialogue replaces action and I think action could've created better foreshadowing than "one of these days..." but I know there is limited space to use. Thanks for the read and driving home the point at the end.
I love Liliana. And I truly believe that the Love of the Lord helps to mold such sweet souls. Great Writing.
So sweet! I liked Lilyanna, (she did remind me of Pollyana) but her cheerfulness was practically contagious. I'm so glad that she was able to help her friend in the end. A lovely story! ^_^
The world needs more people like Lilyanna. Good story.