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A sonnet beautifully done! The meaning is awesome and true. The enjambment in verse really adds to the uniqueness of your sonnet. A master piece of poetry!
Wow. You captured where I lived for too long. This is such a beautiful picture of hope for those suffocating in despair. And the thing I really like is, you don't minimize or try to "fix" the feelings of hopelessness--you simply offer a glimmer of hope at the end. Excellent job with the topic.
Aren't you glad grace doesn't depend on us? He loved us while we were still His enemies. Well done.
This is an excellent example of speaking volumes in just a few words. Wonderful!
Shakespeare is alive and well! Whoever you are, you have captured the beauty and style of the sonnet form. Wonderful poem!
A perfect description of the dark cloud of depression, and the comfort of knowing Jesus is there always.
Beautiful poem. This spoke to my heart.
You really captured the sensory aspect of depression well - no taste, no touch, no sight. And you wrote a sonnet that is lyrical and powerful in its wording. Well done.
Thank God for His everlasting love that pursues us and draws us back!
How wonderful when He breaks down our walls. Thanks for sharing from your heart.
How wonderful when He breaks down our walls. Thanks for sharing from your heart.
Beautiful, lyrical. Well done.
I would have said extraordinary, if it wasn't for the "icy heart" line.(sorry). That said, 99.9 percent of your entry was pure inspiration and appreciation for me. Thank you for sharing and trusting us with your heart.
If not before, then you are definately a poet now. I found myself looking upwards for that beam of light.
Well, I know NOTHING about this style of writing, but it rang beautifully in my heart and mind. I admire the fact that you are stretching yourself and trying new things. :)
I love the first two lines. The word mature comes to mind - wonderful imagery and choice of words and skilfully written.
This is a masterpiece of a sonnet--a keeper.
Yes...depression feels as if during that time, no one could possibly understand your feelings, but a poem like this shared with others can break through that illusion and bring comfort.. there is hope.. others have endured and passed through to the other side.. Bravo.. masterpiece!
I'm no expert on poetry, but I am an expert on battling depression. Your words spoke to me. Thanks.
"Shoots forth. I spurned my God, but He found me."
I LOVE your last line. It fits so much of what I feel like sometimes.
This is moving story on the darkness of depression. I love the ending, where God's beam of light shines through. Wonderful!
Loved it.
I also LOVE the last line. You have also painted a "just right" portrait of depression. Very nicely done, Jan.
Loved this. I suffer (suffered) from depression as well. I understand the dark hold it can have. It's so amazing that despite me, God still moves. Beautiful poem, my dear.
I am not a poet, so I don't want to critique this. I have faced depression though, and so I could relate to the subject matter in a deep way.

Isn't it wonderful how God can always pull us out, even when we are in the deepest pits of despair?

I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.