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This is very sweet, and really shows the devastation of a situation having something positive come from it. Nice job with the topic.
What a touching story --definitely a silver lining here. Wonderful.
This is heart-wrenching. Good job with the topic, and well written.
No, it wasn't in vain. Excellent writing. I was your shadow as you worked, getting to know each person through your eyes, feeling the shock of Milton's young death, and the amazing breakthrough of shared sorrow.
Good thing I already had tissues next to me from the dregs of being sick. :-)
Oh my - this is a beautiful story. The characters are drawn so carefully that I can picture them all. Right on topic, lovingly told.
Sweet story.
I cried several times while reading this. Great job of taking me right to this place.
"The old woman, hunched like a comma" Love this visual!

Descriptive writing with a nice take on topic. Well done!
So sad, but so good to see that it wasn't in vain. I'm glad your topic tied in so beautifully. I felt as if I knew Milton too. What a precious story! You did great with the characterization, my only note is, I didn't get who Lynn was until the thought to herself. I thought it was someone else. ^_^
really liked the story and its emotion, liked the similes (esp. the comma)...this part felt fragmented to me "He was crying. Two silvery streams, washing feeling and emotion back into his eyes. Liquid pain, releasing the poison in his soul." Thanks for the story.
Wow! Heart-wrenching and beautiful. Thank you.
Moving, tender, bittersweet.
***Congratulations on your EC!*** Awesome writing! ^_^
I'm glad this beautifully sad story was an EC choice. Congratulations.
This one really touched my heart. There is so much I love about this piece it is hard to know where to begin in listing it...the descriptives, the emotion. It is just masterful. Congrats on the well-deserved EC!
Congratulations on your EC. This was one of my favorites this week.
I also loved the visual of the woman bent over like a comma - and the amazingly vivid characterizations. This is a wonderful, wonderful piece. Congratulations on your EC. Definitely deserving.
Wow! Being an animal lover myself, you've really nailed down the emotions associated with loss of a pet. I love your use of "doggie heaven". Great story and writing. Congrats on your EC.