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Very interesting political veiw-point, and well-written story. Was the older man with the newspaper clippings the one who'd assulted the mother?
Interesting take on the topic, and good writing. You kept me engaged from the beginning.

But I, too, wonder who the older man was? Was he the assailant? Did you mean to leave his identity vague? And how did the guy at the nursing home know what Ms A needed to do? Did he know the whole situation?

I want to know more of this story. :)
It was so neat to see that she was his mother--very nice!
I also want to know what was in those newspaper clippings. There's an air of mystery here. Engaging writing with characters I'd like to know better.
Great twist, I had to reread the middle to make sure I understood. Powerful statments. Great writing. keep it up.
This is great writing, but I have questions. I'm not sure who the man was or what the clippings were. It could just be me, though.
I liked your MC.
Very thought provoking and artsy. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
The ending was surprising. I thought for sure that the man asking the questions was the rapist, but I didn't think about the possibility of the Senator being her son. Great story! I appreciate you sharing it.
Good title! The ending sort of got me, I thought that the speaker was the guy who'd caused all the trouble, but then he turned out to be the son. Famous last lines though-I liked it. The beginning part, as to where she was, was a tad bit confusing though. I wasn't sure who the young aid was or what she was doing there. Otherwise, I liked the rest, especially using the TV. ^_^
Excellent ending, and excellent title. I had to re-read a few times, and there are still some unanswered questions...just a bit of focus needed, perhaps.

FYI--I think you wanted "aide" instead of "aid."

I love the bit where he looks into the camera and addresses his momma--excellent!
Very engaging -you did a good job of keeping me guessing - and the twist was great.