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We can hear the rumbles of the Black Bean Lasange coming from Max.

What went under the table, tho' it is gone yet speaketh.

Good use of the topic I think.
Funny. Poor Max would have preferred more words, less action.
I enjoyed the humor! Good job.
When you said 'it's not too good' on the boards you must've been talking about the lasagna and not this story because this is GREAT!! I LOVE it!! LoL. Poor Max.
Very creative - I hope - I'd feel terrible having a good laugh at Max's expense :) Thanks...
LOL oh dear, poor Max. The story was right on topic, and I think Max's actions will soon speak louder than words too. Great story, very funny.
Oh Betty! How could you do this to poor Max?! I can't stand the dicomfort that poor dog felt! But boy ... they do have stinky 'beans.' ;) Too funny Betty!
Your light touch was a nice change, I can see it all play out and feel bad for poor Max, hopefully the humans learned the lesson. THanks for sharing.
SO clever and fun. Absolutely delightful, Betty. You just have a gift for humor. Poor Max!
Oh this is a hoot! Poor Max, no wonder he's got a belly ache. hehehehe. I love your sense of humor Betty. This was great.
Ok, so now, how do you think this stuff up? Did this really happen? My ONLY, and I mean my ONLY wish for this piece to make it better would have been a different title, only because then I knew what happened. If I hadn't known the title, I wouldn't have known the ending. Of course, you managed to surprise me anyway, with the way the poor thing consumed it. Not one but SEVERAL plates. I can picture the whole scene! :)
I LOVE the last line!
Very funny! Poor Max, he didn't know what he was getting himself into when he ate all that lasagna. This was a joy to read. Thank you so much for sharing it!
Oh, I knew from the title what was going to be wrong with Max. You have passed humorous at some point and gone for hilarious. Such a funny, creative story!
Add one more reason for having a dog in the house. This was a "gas" to read and I loved the irony of it all.
Poor Max! What a hoot - I enjoyed this story. :)
Oh Betty! Too too funny! Hilarious! I really needed a laugh today, too! Thanks.
Poor feller--poor old Max. I feel sorry for him! Funny yet-so-true scene.
So clever!
I was giggling the whole time. The poor pooch. Remind me not to look that recipe up. My family is full of hot air, as it is.
Oh boy. I'm still laughing. Poor, poor Max! I had a hint from your title when she said 'gassy'. Ouch. This was too funny. I liked how you illustrated the topic a, interersting-lol-way. ^_^ Nice writing! ^_^
How cute! Poor Max! ROFL This was great! Loved the humor!
Very fun and cute. I enjoyed this. Poor Max!
What a treat -- for us, not for Max. I really enjoyed this.