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A very difficult situation for a parent to cope with, but your ending was just perfect, as the boy showed his mother how he loved her with such a thoughtful action.
What a sweet story. I feel like I need to know more—like why Donny's pictures are black slashes. A sequel maybe, or a longer story?
A beautiful story. I know a couple of kids like Donny and you portrayed the mother's emotions well.
Okay, that caused my eyes to well up a little bit.
What a beautiful (and well told) story. From his behavior; the staring, the rocking, the black slash drawing, you paint a picture of autism, WITHOUT actually saying so. You capture the bittersweet nature of loving a child like Donny. Wonderfully done...I loved it.
These emotions are so authentic. I absolutely loved the ending--I could see Donny's shadow. Good job!
Wow that was great. You truly grabbed the essence of a parent who has a child that is "different" and the rollercoaster of emotion they experience
As a special ed. teacher, this may be my favorite. I'll admit that I was prepared to dislike it, because I thought it was going to be too sweet. But the ending was perfect, and I hope you'll look for an Autism or Asperger's organization who will publish this.
Praises for Mrs. Montgomery!! The characters are real. The happy perfect children and their bedecked mothers, smiling perfectly made the contrast pop. Great tie to topic at the end. Thanks for a heartfelt and touching entry.
So powerful and WONDERFUL. I ached for the mom, and the little boy. Excellent, EXCELLENT job of showing. Wonderful.
Wow! Amazing descriptions here! I am so glad I got to read this. You did a wonderful job portraying a most special special needs child! Excellent and right on topic!!!
I wasn't prepared to cry like this! What an emotional ride you just took me on. I have such a heart for little Donny, AND his mommy. God really anointed your pen with this piece, and I know it will minister to many.
As a mom who has a son with Asperger's, this really touched me. I could certainly identify with the mother and feel her hurt and confusion. The ending is beautiful and shows just one of the really special traits of children who have an Autism spectrum diagnosis.
Oh My! You captured the topic perfectly with this beautiful piece. I rarely cry at stories, but this one evoked some tears at the end. Great job.
What a wonderful story. I loved the way the teacher touched Donny's head and smiled at him. You have captured the emotions well. I loved the ending. Kleenex time.
Ooooh, what a precious little boy. I felt sad watching the whole scene unfold and knowing there wasn't something right there, but the ending, that was good. And I like the title of this, cute! ^_^