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Great character development. The description of the molar was hilarious, and the reference to Heidi brought back some special memories. Good story, right on topic.
Great writing - love it.
I love the descriptions and the addition of Yiddish words really gives an added depth. This is really wonderful and perfectly on topic.
Reading this exptremely lyrical piece of prose, this old man becomes absolutely real to me. Of all the wonderful, wonderful sentences here, I believe my favorite is the one with the tooth and the pliers. Who thinks like this? I'd like to live in your brain for a little while...
Your title drew me in ourt of curiosity. Your MC drew me into his world and made me feel all that he was feeling. This is a wonderful piece of writing. Bravo, bravo! Superb!
Wonderful story with a vivid, realistic character.
This was incredible...I loved the Yiddish, it made him so much more REAL. Wonderful.
I like this! I loved seeing his personality shine through. Maybe Penuel will share Messiah with him. :-)
I wanted to come back and say your description was so vivid that the image of those soft, buttery rolls are still in my mind days after reading this. And with them, the image of our Savior, our Bread of life. :)
Leigh, your versatility amazes me. This piece is awesome ... you've made me long to visit this man and that means this is some good writing. :)
I love a good nosh and this hit the spot. Everything about this entry is top notch, keep it up!
Oh, Leigh - just excellent. I love the Yiddish (of course LOL) and the amazing characterization. This is just fabulous.
Of all the sentences in this incredibly beautiful story, my favorite is the description of the sleet and the wind and the thunder.
I have always loved Yiddish characterizations and their inventive, colorful use of language/imagery. The turmoil going on in this man's life/mind is so tangible through your writing.
This one sentence, says so much about him and your ability to see the inner man "Am I not less difficult to visit than to hike up snowy mountains? Or does the problem come in selecting appropriate conversation to conduct with a blind, dying old man?" Great job. If, I were to say one thing about content, it would be that (to me) the introducing of Heidi and her story seemed to slow the meter of your original story. But, that's just me and this is a wonderful piece. If only I could write so well.
Can we say "masterpiece"? I think this is one of my favorite of yours so far! It is so real, the setting the characters. And your title made me smile, especially when I got the end and read nosh: snack. lol! This was very well done! I enjoyed the read and especially the bit with the single tooth. ^_^
***Congrats, Leigh!*** Awesome writing! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC, Leigh. This writing and is truly wonderful.