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It's always nice to see the good guys win and the bullies get what's coming to them! Nice writing.
Hooray for Joey. I enjoyed the tone of this, and the ending. Thanks for the read!
Joey's actions of following through to do something spoke much louder than Miss Miles words. I was "different as a little girl, too. I would have beat the bullies up, but that's just me. ; ) Oh, btw, great story.
Thank God for boys like Joey!! His actions shone through beautifully.
You narrator has a wonderufl voice. I enjoyed this.
Three cheers for Joey, the defeater of bullies! Loved the narration. Good example of the topic. Well done.
Great story, the only thing I missed was the age/grade of the kids. Other than that unknown factor, which didn't effect the story, it was well thought out.
Well how clever. I did not see that coming but love Joey's solution.
I, too, like this creative resolution to bullying.
I enjoyed the characterization and the clever solution to bullying. Hopefully, it will give some ideas to those who need them.
This was very well written with a WONderful message. The world needs more JOeys!
Oh where was Joey when I was in school? This is a gem, loved it.
Bullies make my blood boil. Three cheers for Joey, a hero in my book/CD anyday. He does have a better sense of justice than I, however, Because I would have taken the CD to the prinicpal straight away. Sigh, I need to learn patience and self-restraint, qualities Joey demonstrated as well!
Go Joey! Using technology to solve a problem. My kind of guy for sure. :)