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This is totally hysterical! And, I think, not unlike some real marriages. What a clever, clever take on this routine! Even though it was so humorous,the point was still well made. Loved it!!
Love it. I could it all being played out. Great message, too, and right on target.
So very clever! Love it.
Hilarious. I liked your take on the "Whose on first?" routine.
Fantastic! This is just wonderful!
Creative, clever and extremely entertaining. You NAILED the topic, and in a masterful way. Well done.
This is just too cute-you NOE WATT HU IMEAN ?!

Keep up the writing it is great! Betty OVerstreet
This would be an awesome skit for a church drama group to perform! The humor was great, and you nailed the topic dead on! Wonderful job!
Clever and fun - Who's on First for Christians. I'll bet you had fun writing this. You just have such a way with puns, lately. Enjoyed this.
yes, I recognized the play on
Who's on First immediately. Very good wit and the topic was just right for a script like this one!
Hilarious--and I caught the main characters' names, too (Bud and Lou...). This made me grin all over.
That was an absolute hoot! You kept me reading all the way because I wanted to see what would happen next. You have done a masterful job on the topic even though it was a comedy routine. I love it! Super job!
Very very clever. I'm still smiling. Well done.
This is a classic! A masterpiece! I hope someone gets a hold of this .. or you share it with church drama groups. It's such a hoot!
A new classic.....
Hee hee! Very clever! I love it!
I've never seen "Who's on First" used so cleverly and effectively for a good lesson. Masterful.
"From the way everybody was laying on their horns, Jesus got a lot of love today."

That line cracked me up! Actually, the whole thing did. Even though a form of this has been done before, you took it and made it your own. Thank you for the laughs. I needed them. :)

Who'd thought this classic could be improved upon? So, funny,so appropriate and oh so true.
What was the name of that church there in Huville?
Ida Noe. LOL!
Well done allusion to a great skit. Powerful message that really brings home the topic. Loved the names.
Way to go on your EC, Karen. I love the original comedy routine (my teenager listens to it over and over, just cracking up), and you did an awesome job rewriting it for this situation.
This will be great acted out! Congrats on the win.