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Wow! John sure had enough signals to stop, didn't he?
I liked the suspenseful voice of this story. It was written in a way that kep me wanting to know what was going to happen. good job!
I liked your use of italics for God's voice - and how the MC seemed to ignore it. The result can certainly be tragic. A hard-hitting lesson.
I like the way John's person was revealed bit by bit throughout the story. Sad conclusion and lesson. Makes me think about how many times I've ignored the Holy Spirit's promptings.
Oh, this is powerful! Excellent!
Oh, this is good! It made me wonder how often I've ignored God's voice speaking to me. Very good!
Oh Lynda, how often we do this! You portrayed this scenario to perfection and I just wanted to grab the guy and shake him! I guess God probably feels the same about us.

Well, you did and awesome job girl.
Great depiction of our self-importance. Will he get the message......Loved the title too.
I like it. When you read the ending, John seems almost ignorant, but in the middle of the story it's easy to see where John is coming from as so often Bible studies can become derailed and in order to keep that from happening, we put a focus on an agenda. Nice job demonstrating the fine line between maintaining focus and ignoring others' needs.