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Yup! on target for the topic.

Honeyed words aren't much good when you need a real friend.

Well done!
I think I know a Jessica and an Amy. Great writing and I loved the comparison of the two friends. Mother always knows best, doesn't she? Way to go!
Right on. Well done.
Good story. I'm sure many people will relate to this on some level.
I like your story line, beginning and ending with the telephone call. I enjoyed the story vry much--right on topic.
I think at one time or another we all face the choice between a Jessica and an Amy. The story was right on point as far as the topic was concerned and reminded me of the many different relationships we have. Great Job
Loved this true to life story, you did a wonderful job with your characters.
Dear Pam, This is so readable and your message shines through sweetly (without needing to be "obvious") through the genuine characters you created.

I'm sorry I missed this earlier, but glad I found it now to return the favor: thank you so much for your sweet comment on my "Silent Stars" story. I sure do appreciate you!