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Good story. The end was a bit improbable, but you managed to make me loathe the new guard. :)
Ahh, the title was good. I was expecting a humor piece though-lol. Good job with the guard change, I really wanted to get rid of him and let the original guy come back. Grrr that Thomas! What was he thinking?! Oh..wait, he wasn't thinking. ^_^ Nice writing. ^_^
Great job in this piece.
That new gaurd has got to go! Great job making him odious.
Great title, and so on topic, loved this engaging piece. I too want the old guard back, wiched the cell mates have won him over in the beginning, great job.
You made the new guard very real and the situation very sad. Good writing
Very clever...I had to wince at the combination toilet/table. :) I enjoyed the tight ship/loose lips sink ships comment.
Good example of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Well done.
That'll larn him! What a nasty man that Thomas. He should have kept his mouth shut. Well written. Ready... Aim... Fire... on target Missy :)
Oh, very interesting read and right on target. Excellent message too, NO complaining!
This was a most interesting story. Nasty old guard!
Good story and not far from things I have personally experienced. My only comment:

"They told me since I'm a federal worker that I'm /not/ allowed to share my faith...."
Very clever story. Never having been in a prison, I'm not sure how likely it is that guards would be distributing warm bread--but it fits in great with both the topic and your clever title. A fun read.
I really like your title. The characterizations of the guards (good and bad) are very good. What a difference the Lord makes in the life of guard-Thomas never thought of that!
Good job especially with characterization. Enjoyed the read - and a great fit for the topic.
I liked your twist at the end, which left me wondering what the understanding was between the two guards. Did the new one agree to deliver the message for some reason of his own, or, and I realize this is reaching, is he a believer in league with the previous guard to present a vivid contrast?