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This reads smoothly and well. I like how you set this on the eve of his departure for Damascus, especially since we know what happens on that trip. =)
This story kept me engaged throughout. Great job.
Great inside look at this passage of Scripture.
I was really engaged by this story of Saul before his Damascus Road experience. You have an excellent grasp of the language of the man who became Paul and was such a mighty force for "the Way."
This is well written. I'd love to have a setting with it--a description of the clothes, the walls, the furniture--it would make me feel more like I was there.
Wow! Excellent writing. I love that you filled some gaps in bringing this story to us. It almost has a "rest of the story flavor". I really like this!
Very well written story setting the tone, mood and events.
Excellent! I like the setting (the letter) and the voice is perfect.
You've put a lot of effort into this piece. The writing is seamless, and the voice just right.
I love the format. You've managed to take some intense chapters of the Bible and make it very real, very readable. Nice writing.
You just made this story come alive for me. Wow. Love the ending, too and the Bible verse to tie the message together. Well done.
I never think much of Saul before his conversion. This is great! I love this line/thought.. But tonight Im troubled by a dream that a man of light is readying his armor, preparing to strike me down.
Oh the twist at the end was good. I wasn't sure who the writer was going to turn about to be, but it was really Saul! Wow. Nice job with the twist here!
What a wonderful piece of historical fiction. I've often wondered if Caiaphas didn't regret listening to Annas, his father-in-law regarding sealing Jeaus' fate by asking him, "Are you the Messiah?" But history is what it is and your re-telling it in this manner goes beyond academics and into inspiration. Great job!
Thanks for a new look at a familiar character.
What a great look at Paul before his conversion. Isn't it amazing that Paul, once so loved by the council, suddenly became the hunted after his conversion. This was so well written, I thought it must have been a male writer to get the "male voice" down so pat. Well done Karen!!