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I'm going to have to remember this one. What a smart kid. "I need to divest anyway." (snicker) Great lesson on parenting and also on the fact that we all have too much junk in our lives (spiritual lives too). Love it.
Oh, what a lesson you packed in here! I absolutely love that second to last paragraph--a lot for me to think on there. You have much more patience and kindness than I do, that's for sure!
Your title is cleverly carried out in this delightful story.
This did take me back to when my son was about a year old, and I told him to pick up his toys off the floor, or I would make him sit in a chair. I can still see his little chubby legs climbing up in that chair where he'd rather sit than pick up toys--another "gotcha."
This would make a nice devotional. It's entertaining and easy to read without being preachy. Big thumbs up!
Funny story, and I liked how you were humble enough to see yourself in the tale. Two spellings: lose is when an item goes missing, loose is when it is not held tightly in place; reign is the rule of a monarch, rein is the leather strap on a horse's bridle, so a free rein lets him wander.
I like this on many levels. First, it's easy reading. It's real life (been there, done that, glad I'm not the only one who got caught in that 'clean your room or else' scenerio). But mostly, I really liked the lesson you conveyed with it. Much food for thought for all readers, I suspect. Great job!
I feel like your MC was a fly on the wall in my house. Wow! On so many levels, this piece is a keeper. It will minister to many, I'm sure, and it certainly ministered to me. Thank you for sharing not just your incredible writing ability, but also the insight the Lord has given you.