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You set the scene here beautifully. I can picture Ida-May on her rocker and the neighbr Katie. Well written and great choics of words throughout. It's to bad Katie didn't listen to Ida-May! Great characters, great dialogue, great entry! Two thumbs up!
Ah, very good. Many times when we cut off our noses we end up paying the consequences. I love Ida Mae and her wisdom!
Great story with a perfect title.
You really covered the topic well in this excellent story. I loved your mc and her explanation of why she worked with her hands and listened.
Nice connection between your title and the last line. The reader has an idea where all this might be going, but the way you tied things up at the end still provided an element of surprise. Nice work.
This was great! I loved Ida-May, I wish there were a lot more like her in the world. So many people today just have no one to talk to. Not that it helped in this case, but she was there, and I think she'll still be there for Katie.
I could hear the voices and understand Katie's frustration. Right on topic, well done.
I hope I'm like that when I get that old--a place of wisdom and safety. Beautifully written.
What a wonderful character Ida-May is!
Ouch! I knew something was going to happen to the MC--great work with the suspense. I love this bit of wisdom from your entry, "I had a tendency to get into mischief. My mama used to say I was hell-bent on self-destruction. So every time shed see me aiming for a heap of trouble, shed put something in my hands to do. It became a habit." Your title definitely fits! Good work on this!
Ida May is wonderful, I could use a neighbor like that.
This is a perfect story for the topic, and what makes it even better is that so many of us can place ourselves in your MCs position. Pride comes before the fall, and I've fallen many times. Adding a great character like Ida-May in just took the story to an even greater level. Well done.
I was so hoping she would listen to the wisdom of Ida! I am very impressed with how much detail you were able to get into this story. So often you can tell a story is chopped to fit into the word limit, but I never felt hat with this one.
Ouch! I feel bad for Katie! She should've listened to Ida, the title hinted that something would go amiss here and you followed through wonderfully. Nice job. ^_^
Great story! I like the lesson to be learned here. Great writing!
What a great story! Lots of little details, a lovable MC, And you definitely illustrated the topic. Great writing. :)