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So sad. Our military personnel are so important and special. A good reminder to pray for them--there is more at stake than just having them return home, but we still want them safe.
It's sad that our military are used as pawns in this political chess game. I really liked your (Rev. 19) thought of the boys on horseback following Jesus when He returns. Your title is good for this.
Perfect title for this piece, and extremely compelling. The letter was especially moving - and when I discovered it was being read at ANOTHER soldier's falling, I gasped. Wonderfully done.
Nice and real, and I liked the Armageddon visual too.
Nicely done! I love pieces that support our troops. And I am certain that each life lost saves many more than a hundred back home. There is so much that we never hear about that our men are doing.Thank you for sharing your heart about a controversial subject.
How long will we be free with a weak president? Very difficult subject and your writing is excellent. I was moved to tears.
Ok, now I am bawling like a baby! Wow, did it take courage to write on this topic and with such conviction. I hung on every word, and in my opinion, the letter from the pastor's son was especially effective. The public does not hear enough from the soldiers and too much from the politicians. A whole-hearted 'Amen' on this powerful piece.
This power and emotion of you entry moved me to tears. As the mother and mother-in-law of two brave soldiers that have served in Iraq, I applaud your entry. Both my son and daughter-in-law have voiced the same opinion of what will happen if we get a weak president and our troops come home too soon. Well done and well written my friend. BRAVO!
Beautifully written, Sir William--powerful and eloquent.
Wow. Took me a minute to figure out what had happened, but that's just because my mind was going one direction when you redirected to the funeral of one who died because of a post-war terrorist attack. Nice twist in terms of plot--pray it never comes true.

Was just on the phone to a niece recently back from military duty in mid east. This one struck home.
Thank you for this brave piece. The son's letter moved me to tears. I feel I'm missing something tho - was this sgt killed as a result of or after pulling the troops out of Iraq? Great writing.
nicely done, overall, and a good take on the topic.
At first, I thought it was the pastor's son's funeral, then the change of name and rank made me wonder if it was a double funeral, then with another reading I finally got it.
You have written a powerful piece for us to think about. God help America if a new president does not seek His wisdom.
The analogy with the broom was particularly beautiful.
Thank you for this beautifully written piece from a different POV. It makes it more real to read of it this way. The story came alive for me and I could feel for each character. You did well.
This gave me chills - thank-you for giving a voice to those valliant soldiers who see beyond the temporal world and fight for and believe in a greater war.
Your analogy of sweeping sand from the floor had to have been inspired. Tremedous job!
Great writing here. Thanks for a new perspective.
What a superb tribute to the soldiers who fight for our nation. I really appreciated your perspective and your sincerity in this piece. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for writing this piece - it is beautiful and moved me to tears. I love our country and love those who realize that freedom isn't free. While I cringe each time I hear of another soldiers death, I am so thankful that they were willing to stand and fight for something bigger than themselves.