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Though it has got to be among the hardest decisions in the world, considering the circumstances, this is one of those moments in time when we confirm again the sovereignty of God. Good writing and thanks for the important message.
In this very emotional piece, I was cheering in my heart when the mc got up and left the room. I was so happy with her decision. You did a great job of pulling your readers in.
I could feel the cold sterility creeping in to me. I'm so glad your MC chose life and that there was hope offered at the end. Great job.
Beautifully-descriptive writing and a message that needs to be repeated again and again! Great job!
Oh, my goodness, this is incredible. Even though every single word is deliberate and written with masterful skill, I have to admit, the ending is the final stroke of brilliance. I KNOW this will minister to many.
Wow, this is so beautiful. So well-written and the title is perfect. I love the line, "Do I want to inflict wound upon wound?" Excellent writing and a great ending, too!
You found a way to give a message without preaching, which can be very hard to do. Great writing.
Your descriptions of the clinic are AMAZING. This is a masterpiece of setting and tone.
This is wonderful. Love the delivery, the message, shoot.. I loved it all! Well done!
Heart-wrenching and powerful. This line was especially chilling--"A graveyard of dull silver and muted grey where two people enter and only one leaves." This is the sort of thought-provoking writing that is not out in the mainstream, but should be.
I love your descriptive work, and the heart in your writing. Beautiful.
This is excellent, the descriptions so vivid. And the doctor calling her Leigh instead of Lisa, nice subtle touch.
What more can I say than has already been eloquently said? I felt like I was on the table with Lisa, feeling a rounded abdomen, and experiencing the inner emotional turmoil.
so heartbreaking! You really captured this piece and brought tears to my eyes with this dear girl. I'm so glad that she 'spared' that life. The ending where she asks for help is so poignant, I enjoyed the read and your opening descriptions were so good! ^_^
Your title is so descriptive and perfect for this is a heart-rending story. Your writing, as always, is flawless. I hope the message of this can be used in other places.
If only.......I was so happy that Lisa asked for help from a stranger.
Wow. So many strong emotional pieces this week, and this one is among the best of them.

I was worried that the girl would go ahead with the abortion, and I was so glad when she ran out of the clinic. This story makes a strong case against abortion without getting preachy or hostile. I can't imagine what women who have been raped go through when they find out they are pregnant. It is my hope that they would make the same decision that this character made.

Thank you for blessing me with this story!
Congratulations on your EC! As I commented earlier, I KNOW this will minister to many! ;)
***Congratulations!*** Some really awesome writing! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC. This is a very powerful story. Well done.