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Hmmm - seems you may be cutting off your nose to spite your face with the next vote. Common sentiments around the country regarding the candidates. I may sit this one out - and, yes, I can complain afterwards because I PAY TAXES and more than most people - that gives me a voice.

Pray and keep writing.
I feel your frustration; I too feel as if my own voice won't be heard in this election.

But I've got to say that Obama is not a Muslim; he is a Christian. He responded to an altar call at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in the 1980s, before he was politically active.

May God's hand be on this upcoming election!
This election is enough to make your head swim!! All the more reason to pray without ceasing!
You've voiced the frustrations of many of us this election cycle. Nicely said.
A lot of opinions here, and Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim.
I kept thinking as I read your piece how frustrating our choices are, but I, too, will vote. Our only encouragement comes in knowing that God is in control of our nation and of the world.
I take Obama at his word that he is a Christian. However, he does attend a church of very questionable credentials with a pastor more controversial than most politicians. You might enjoy this article:
This is very well-written and would do great in the genre of an editorial. It is very compellingly put together and causes the reader to think, no matter if they agree with the content or not.