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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness--this is the best wordplay I've ever read. And it totally took me by surprise. Whoever you are, I am seriously in awe. PLEASE pm me and let me know who wrote this!
I think I know who wrote this! I enjoyed the wry humor. It would have been good to let us know Milton's surname in the beginning so as to avoid the nstant "huh" on reading the last line, but otherwise I got a laugh out of this one.
Oh you clever, clever person, you! Loved it!
Good thing I didn't have a glass with a white beverage in it, or I'd have a mess to clean up.
Oh my goodness -- this is so clever. Totally unexpected. Hilarious. Great job with the topic.
I am a pun lover, and I hereby crown you king/queen of them allin this absolutely delightful story.
Milt Spilk?!?!! Oh, that is just way too funny!! I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. I think that, just maybe (!!) you covered the topic--both halves of it. This is delightful!!! and thanks for the great laugh!
What an incredible article, and the ending is just a riot. Thanks for the laugh.
Absolutely brilliant!
Your ending absolutely TAKES THE CAKE. The rest of the story was also delightful, but I have to know if you built that entire story around the last line. So??? hehe
Well, being the honest person that I am, I must admit I just didn't "get it" until I read Sally's comment and went and read the last line again! Too funny! Great writing!
Hiniting time is so great. I loved this brilliant entry, can see why you are in masters.
What?! How in the world did you come up with that? I was thinking that there was really no need to insert Milton's last name so late in the story, but obviously, it was part of the plan. Too clever!
That was so hilarious! I didn't even twig when you mentioned his last name. Then at the end of the story the kicker just about floored me. It's 3am and I'm trying to smother my laughter with a pillow. Super job Karen!
This was great all the way through. I really loved the word play at the ending. Great job!
Oh, I am just in stitches. Needed that after crying over a previous article. I'm a mess now! You are way too clever for words...
LOL! This is perfectly written and delightfully clever. BRAVO!
LaughOutLoud FUNNY! This is Clever....with a Capital C. I hope it wins....
I LOVE IT! So clever and downright fun! :)
Oh my goodness! I love love it! So creative and clever...what a gift for words you have!