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Hilarious. You do have a gem therehang on to him! Great story.
"His eyes congregated with mine", what a great verb and it's those strong verbs and nouns that make this piece so interesting. Right on topic and this man needs to charge plenty when he speaks at men's meetings! Very enjoyable read.
Great article, and I especially loved this line - 'Because of it, he is still alive to tell the tale.'
Your husband is a keeper, as well as your story.
My favorite line: "Because of it, he is still alive to tell the tale" I'm still chuckling over that! Oh, that poor car, er, man.
SO clever ending. Gave me just the right giggle. The whole piece is delightful, but that ending takes the cake. :)
Yes, it's good for a husband to know how to stay man! Funny and wonderful to read.
Your title fits this piece perfectly, and it is SO great! Loved every split second of it.
I love everything about this, and the title really clinches it. Delightful!
Love your story (and your hubby!) Great title!
Fo the car's sake I hope this isn't a true story, I can feel the pain. What a wonderful husband. Great story for this topic.
Oooh, very creative title and after reading this piece, I see why it fits so well! True story with a happy ending-now that's one that I like! The ending with the telephone number is just hilarious. Nice job! ^_^
HAHA! I am laughing out loud. This was priceless. I love, love, love the ending.
I thought your title was the perfect lead-in to this tale. I truely enjoyed your sense of humor and well planned delivery. Even though I drive a truck, I don't think I could have been as understanding. I enjoyed your entry.