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Okay - major tear jerker... beautifully written - you make the reader feel everything the MC is going through...the blue and cold of the dying baby, and the depression of the mother. I think I'm figuring out who you are... amazing writing!
A whole lot more serious than "spilt milk", but you do get your point across. Great writing.
The title is very fitting for this piece. A parent's nightmare. I hope she returns to her 'remaining life.' There's a lot there.
Such depth and sadness here. The emotions feel so real. Excellent.
How sad and tender. You put me right in the baby's room. I could see it all. Thumbs up.
I never would have guessed this was your entry, which means that you are gifted in being able to write in varying styles and voices. You do heart-wrenching well.
Oh Kristen, I don't know what to say. You've put a sad damper on my day. Very good writing, but so sad.
I don't think you know how good this is. The MC is spot on. ANybody who would call this boring, hasn't lived.
Tis sad, but very authentic. Excellent job. God bless.
Your story drew me in so deeply that I felt as if I were the MC. This was definately not boring. It was great writing.
Oh Kristen, this was just beautiful-if one can call sadness beautiful. This is definitely not boring. It is masterful entry and shows the raw emotions and the deep gut wrenching feelings of the MC so well. Congratulations!
You sure captured the emotions and conflict of the grieving family. So many very good images and descriptions in this tender, haunting entry. The title speaks volumes, too.