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Love the voice, and the lesson, and the scripture.

Okay, I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I read the scripture verse: Forgetting what is "behind" ... I couldn't help but think of the Kick-Yourself-In-The-Rear machine. Very funny.

Great job with the topic -- spot on.
The exxagerations MADE the story. I loved the "thumbs up" from the teenage boys.Great word choices , (bills rained on my feet). A great read and wonderfully satisfying story. ( I'm surprised I haven't been hauled off the jail for some of my typos! I definitely related!)
Who can't identify with this. Great writing, great wit, great idea.
Oh my goodness, I was falling off my chair with laughter. I love this piece! I will read it over again when I'm having a bad day. WAY fun and well done! Oh, and Sheri's comment cracked me up, too!
The exaggeration in this humorous story is just the right touch; yet the message is perfectly clear.
I got quite a KICK out of this! LoL. Great voice, great story, great humor. And a great ending.
This is great! Love the behind-kicker. The "grins" and "thumbs-up" from the teenagers was hilarious. Your creativity and humor are perfect in this piece. Now, I'm going back to proof-read this to make sure I didn't add any unwanted words. :)
Clever and fun - is this true? If it is, I GOTTA find out who you are so I can read your column monthly - and if it isn't, you certainly came across as authentic! Wonderful.
This was a hoot. Love the voice, too. Thanks for the smiles.
Funny story. I enjoyed this.
I'm laughing like a crazy woman, glad the house is empty! Too funny, Jan! Great writing, as always and I love the lesson to be learned hidden inside!
This is hilarious, and yet you managed to bring it around to serious and end with scripture. A winner for sure!
Loved even the play on words in the scripture you chose, i love how the exagerations made it apparent that we all tend to blow things out of proportion.
Funny and creative with a message. Great job once again. Instead of putting the machine away though, she might want to keep it to get children and hubby to do things. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants. Thank you for the kick in the pants reminding me I don't need to kick myself in the pants.
God bless.
This is such a fun read, and the humor made me laugh out loud! You nailed the topic, as usual - and I loved the ending.
Very funny - loved it.
You captured my attention, and personality to a tee. This was a really fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Great writing!
I especially loved the section where her imagation ran wild as she feared what repercussions could result from the error.
Rolling on the floor funny!!
You have a golden touch for telling a great story!
You had me going. I 'knew' something was up but wasn't quite sure 'what' until I got to the perfectly worded "Wellokay, I cant sustain this any longer."

Great story ... perhaps you were inspired by my previous entry "Because of One Little Typo"??? JK. LOL. Great story!!!
I can really relate to this, Jan! Not so long ago, a local Christian magazine published a piece of mine, and made quite a few typos in the process. Just like your MC I was letting my imagination work overtime. I love the humour in her exaggerated thoughts. Very well done.

Where did you say I could get one of those boot machine thingys?
Jan, is there ANYTHING you can't write?! A devotional! Funny, smart, clever, and right on target and topic. I love this. (The "bottom kicking" company must be making a mint with those boots-everyone I know has at least one!)
Jan, I was trying to outguess your ending thinking after the airplane stunt it MUST be a dream, but you clarified it and I loved the surprise. Great idea for the topic... and a little bit of a humulity lesson mixed in... ! :) enjoyed the read
LaughOutLoud funny! As I was reading I was thinking "This has GOT TO BE a really bad dream!" but I loved how you ended it. NOW there is no use crying over spilt milk on the magazine with the typo! Masterful.
STILL laughing. What a great piece. I had wanted to think of something funny to write under topic as it lends itself to humor. But, alas, I couldn't think of anything. You did a great job, Jan! Love it all.
ROFL! I thought from the title that Gloria was an elderly patron that would give her some help-or headache-with her article. The hilarious look with the swinging boot though...yeah, that was pure genius. Very fun read and I liked the ending where she got the monthly column. ^_^
This is the line that made me giggle: "Adolescent boys gave me the thumbs up.

Thanks for sharing your talent.
I'm still laughing. I cringed at Gloria and all the things that "happened" to her. Of course I would NEVER think those things if that happened to me. Oh, wait. I do have one of those "Kick-in-the-Rear" machines somewhere...
Hahaha. You did this one so well. Thanks for the smile. :)
Primo construction. Your writing voice is so confident. It really helped deliver this creative piece. And thank you for your comment on my poem.
Congratulations on your EC!!!! So glad this one will be in print....and I love seeing my Mama's name in the title!!!!! :)
Jan, Congratulations on your much deserved EC. This is one of my favorites this week--I love the voice.
Great job and a well deserved win/placement. You continue to inspire.
***Congrats, Aunt Jan!*** ^_^
Wonderfully written article. I love the humor. It's something what an overactive imagination could do, isn't it?
Great job!