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I love the sly humor here. Just hope the cat doesn't get a flea collar!
LoL. Oh, the poor flea--at least there's other options. Cute!
Cute and fun! (seems to be lots of puppy entries this week hehe). Enjoyed this one very much. Very clever.
Super creative, despite a stumble or two on the meter.
Love the ending.
What a clever rhyme! I was tapping my feet the whole time!

I LOVE this stanza:
Envisage now that in your world
Of bark, wet nose, and fur,
He dons a new embellishment --
A canine flea collar.
So cute! Don't think I've ever once, in my 44 years, ever read a poem about a flea! Too, too funny!
LOL! Poor Fluffy!
I was hoping for more... different "enemies"... a scratching paw, a bubble bath, etc. :)
Great job
How on earth did you come up with this POV? Adorable!
I liked your first verse the best. It was great! Nice job! ^_^
Ooops! I hit the wrong key and it submitted before I was done! I can honestly say that i've never read a story from this POV. The last line with the republic of Fluffy-that was too funny. Nice writing! ^_^
Great tie in to your title. I grinned all the way through this piece, thanks for a nice lunch break. Keep up the good words.
What a great title and idea, and the ending is purrfect!
I'm sporting a huge smile of appreciation. very catchy, clever and rythmatic. Your voice is consistant and on target delivering each line like a seasoned pro. I truely enjoyed your entry and talent.
I loved this story... Light and fun and consistent throughout! You always bless me and this did not disappoint... Dianne J.