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This is a sweet story, and I'm glad the mom found the silver lining.
A rather precocious three-year-old, perhaps?
You must be an artist...your color descriptions are beautiful in this heart-warming story. Your illustration of the topic is perfect as is your ending.
I love the description in this sweet story. The first paragraph is especially beautiful.
Oh, this is absolutely wonderful! It's realistic and beautiful with nuggests of truth tucked in there and tied up with the perfect ending. Superb!
Lovely and beautiful in so many ways. Excellent.
Aww, I like this. I can relate to your MC. What mom hasn't been spitting mad at their child for getting into something? Great ending.
This is so beautiful.
Awww...poor child and poor Mom. The ending is so sweet and your characters have such heart written into them. Lovely.
This is an absolutely moving and authentic piece. Realistic in every way.

With a kernel of peace blossoming inside, I gathered some plastic bags and cloths and prepared for the big clean-up. What was done was done and I had to accept it.

Way to say it! LOVE it.
My favorite bit in this wonderful story is the paragraph describing the "worms of paint"--that whole paragraph is simply outstanding!
Very good example. Very on topic. A wise mother.
God blesses even the messes! Very good.
Loved this story. Also loved this little boy who was only trying to be helpful:)
You captured the colors here. I love colors. You used the names and the descriptions for them. I didn't see the end coming, I thought that she'd find that he squirted all the paints on himself instead of on her picture, but the ending showed hope and I'm glad she didn't get angry at him. This was darling. Nice job. ^_^
This was a beautiful story. I don't know if your periods were placed on purpose throughout your story, but semi-colons would be far better to maintain the flow. Otherwise, this was precious.
LOL, what a great story--what is it about mothers on the phone that kids automatically say - "Time to get away with anything!"
But can I ask, are you writing about my daughter? At three she grabbed my wife's brand new, very expensive make-up set, and used it all up while painting the most amazing picture on the linen cupboard door--while mummy was on the phone, of course.