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Boy, that'd be culture shock for sure! From Southern CA to New England! WhoEeee! In light of the big picture of reality, some things just really don't matter, do they? Good example.
Yes, this is a great example of "don't sweat the small stuff"! I've had those kinds of moments, too, where the temptation to be ungrateful and covetous squelches what the Holy Spirit is trying to accomplish. I could definitely relate to this MC.
This story presented a good lesson in priorities,showing how things that seem important at the time do not matter at all in the grand scheme of things.
Love the title - fits the piece to a "t." Your MC was so real, too. Enjoyed the read.
You nailed the topic. Some ways to polish this kind of piece would be to get an editing buddy (you had a few typos) and to try and steer clear of phrases you've read before, like "chocolate brown eyes."
Your MC was believable. She knows what's really important, something we all need to be reminded of at times. Nicely done.
You presented the topic well.
We're the best at putting ourselves down. When will we learn that even the best of us have problems? Good job.
Very good story. I really enjoyed the read!