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I snickered my way through this. It's too bad this counts as a literal example of the topic because I'm still snickering. I loved the image of the two bottles weighing as much as the cows themselves, and I can attest to glass not bouncing! An enjoyable read.
Though it is a literal example, it shines with description and fun. Poor child! I don't know of any kid who hasn't had a moment like this one.
This very enjoyable story seems to have a ring of truth to it???
This was so tender and sweet. I remember the milkmen delivering milk, cream and eggs to our house in that same basket. I wish they still did!
Great descriptions - every one. Even though we ALL knew where this was going, I couldn't stop reading anyway. THAT is a sign of a master storyteller.
I felt for your MC. He was only trying to help. This was well written, and an entertaining read.
Oh, what a great devotional! YOu had an engaging story and then threw in your lesson! Wonderful!
Lynda, the nostalgic flavor to this is wonderful. Your message is right on, as usual. My favorite expression, though, is the final sentence. Blessings!
Not every effort we make to help is going to be appreciated. Sometimes our best attempts are dismal failures and we are tempted to despair and to quit. Those are the moments when we need to remember that we are no longer under mothers wrath, but under Gods grace. He tells us to never get tired of doing good, and to never give up.* Its the doing of good that counts, even when the results make a mess on the stairs.
*Galatians 6:9, 10

WOW, did I need to hear this today! Thank you!
Great title. Beautifully written story with a great ending. Loved the lesson at the end--one we should all remember. Good job!
Aww, poor little kid. I knew what was going to happen, but you still drew me along with every step your MC took. I loved the memories of the child, not being sure if what they were remembered was real or what was remembered from a magazine advert. Very, very well done!