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This story is just divine! :) I love the relationship you've created between Lot and his wife. The Bible verses move the story along and set up the next scene nicely - well done. The ending drives home the point to be careful of who we associate with. No matter what our intentions, evil still infects us like a nasty virus. A lot of good stuff here. Excellent work!
I'm with Catrina. You've done a great job bringing the story to life, creating depth in the characters—and driving home the lessons to be learned.
You took me there again. Loved the format as well as the story. This one is just excellent!
Very interesting. You really brought the story alive and it was written very well. You definately have a gift for writing Bible stories and communicating them in a fresh and creative way.
God bless.
Very nicely done. You brought this account to life in so many ways. This is a Great example of the topic!
I love the way you bring Bible characters to life! Your writing is clear and concise. Excellent choice for this week's topic.
I love how you bring a familiar story alive!
Wonderful, Jo! It's like we're peeking behind the scenes of this familiar story, and it feels absolutely real.

I have trouble reconciling Lot's "pure" daughters with their scheming in the last vignette, but that's not really your fault...the story is what it is.

You're a gifted writer, and this was truly excellent.
You've breathed life into the characters in this story and made them leap off the page as the real people that they are. It's all the little details that you add - like scratching the back. Well done.
Love the way you incorporated today's language into this piece. It made it real. The writing was great, too!
The story fits this topic well, and your telling of it is very good. I especially like the first section. It really pulled me into the story.
I agree, you definately do a fantastic job of bringing Bible stories to life. Well Done!
This is a good example of the topic.
At risk of being the odd one out, however, while the Bible passages did, indeed, provide transitions, I did not find them all that smooth.
You have a special gift for bringing Bible stories to life. So much scripture had to be covered for this story and you captured the sad tale perfectly.
This is beautiful! You've captured two moving days in Lot's life. I was curios where you got Lot's wife's name from? :) I (for one) really liked the interspersed Bible verses. It authenticates your story. Your writing is so creative with this. Very well done!!
The verses you used between the story vignettes were just the right introductions to the next scenes. Realistic and believable characters brought this story to life.
Very nice account of this Biblical time in history. I love when you help the scriptures come to life even more! Thank you, Jo!
This vivid presentation of a Bible story was so very interesting. Your characterization is superb.
You have such a natual knack for this genre. It just flows. It reads along the lines of a Pearl S. Buck or Leon Uris or even Colleen McCullough. Great job...and thanks for the Bible lesson!
I would love to see all the stories, you have made come alive, together in a book! It would be sheer inspiration!
You are certainly and excellent writer and I love when stories are made alive in modern day ways. I was left with the sadness of this story too that the line is continued the way it was.
You turned this story into kind of a 3D movie for me. Great dialogue and good tie in with the scriptures. Really nicely done!
Girlfriend, you outdo yourself with your Bible stories! I ,too, would love for you to write a book with all the stories you've already written and some new ones. I love the "today" voice of this one, it gives such a realism to the scriptures! Get busy with the book!
Great story. You took us there. I especially enjoyed the beginning and figuring out we were in Lot's tent. I'm so glad you are a jewel. Congrats!
New life to an old story! You are so good at doing this, I felt as if I were there and yes, you made them so real and so alive! I love the way you blended the verses with the little excerpts. Excellent writing! I enjoyed all of it. ^_^
No red ink here! Great retelling of a story so on topic.
What an excellent take on the topic. Unusual, but so real in the characterisations. It made me go back and read the Biblical account again. It breathed new life into the account of Lot and his family. Thank you Jo, for a job well done.
Congrats, Jo-anne for writing one of the most intersting, creative and bravest entries of the week. Inspiring. God bless.
While I'm not really a fan of "fictionalized Bible stories," you sneaked up on me! I didn't realize what I was reading until you already had me hooked, so of course I had to read it all. Great job!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my entry, too. I appreciate you!
From beginning to end, this piece was a jewel. Your ending was just perfect. You really made the biblical account come alive for me. I know God will use this for His great purposes in the future.