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A chameleon catbecomes whatever the circumstances warrant. I like it! Does the super glue actually work? (Not that MY cats would ever pull such a crazy stunt ) Nicely done.
I know the type! Very cute poem.
A tomcat's life in 5 acts. The section on his adventures made me laugh. A memorable cat.
FUN! I adore black cats and each one we've had is named 'Buddy' and they've all been tom cats and they all eventually die. I'll keep the super glue trick in mind! I loved the playful feel of this.
They say dogs have masters cats have servants. This is delightful. I think I knew Max.
As a cat-lover (and owner of a few, dear black cats at one time) this is just spot on. I lost one dear kitty in a fight with something much bigger than him, but this reminds me so much of him. You covered everything, the phases and the changes and especially the voice. So very well done! ^_^