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Achingly beautiful. It reads like music with a slow, quiet tempo at the beginning, building to a crescendo and then decrescendo. I would never have thought of using a place for this topic, and you have done it masterfully.
So sad, and yet you articulated it beautifully. Masterful.
This had such an air of haunting beauty to it. And sadness....
I'm not able to add any more to what the others have already said. This is so very, very good.
This was written so craftably. ( I invented the new word just for this comment) I was pleased with way you described thing using personification and well-chosen similies and metaphors. A completely beautiful and satisfying read.
I've run out of superlative words, so I'll repeat some that I've used a lot--awesome, beautiful, outstanding.
A most amazing entry. I am in awe.
I'm just going to bow in awe and respect. This is why I like to read, because every now and then I read something sooooooo good, it inspires me to reach and stretch even farther. I could not have written something this good, or even came up with the idea. Beyond awesome! God bless.
I found I was holding my breath as this unfolded and I couldn't wait for the next sentence.

"...God cups his hand to combine them as one." Awesome!
You just keep getting better! This is so visual. The you-are-there atmosphere is so thick, I feel the same way at the end, with your last lines. It is so real and so sad, yet still true. Excellent work here! This is a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
Now I know who wrote this. Wow. This is still good. I have never been to Little Big Horn, but you transported me.
I am going to give you what is, for me, the ultimate compliment. This piece reminds me of some of the things my dad used to write. He was a wonderful writer and history buff who used great description in his pieces. This reminded me a lot of his work. Very well done.
Your writing draws the reader in and keeps them captivated. Well done.
Thanks for the brick or I would have missed this poignant piece. I truly hope you are pursuing writing and will published if that is your desire.
Amazing and well written! I love the way you spin a great story!
very polished and a certain visual quality to it. Well done ... I'm glad I squeezed in a couple of more stories tonight, otherwise I might have missed this!
Congratulations, Loren for writing one of the most moving and just down right original and creative and discriptive entries of the week. God bless.
I can't offer you any red ink. I think this is beautiful, and really can't find anything wrong with it.
Wow. I'm searching for red ink. Maybe the judges couldn't see the topic? I'm trying to find it myself - feel free to enlighten me. It scores super-high on every other category for me. But then I'm your #1 fan. ;)
I loved this prose of history and how you captured the deep sorrow that seemed absorbed from man to land, from land to man ... awesome.
Such a melencholy piece. The language was beautiful, and my only question is how well it fit the topic.
This was beautifully written. IMHO the ONLY problem is that it just isn't really on topic.

It really made you see and feel the history and the sadness because of our inability to live together. Our insistence that being different makes "them" subhuman, and therefor not to be considered when we want what they have.