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Oh, TOOOOOOO clever! Very nice.
Now that is the personification of creativity!
Creative, indeed! Nice work.
I read this earlier this week--loved it then, still love it. As a matter of fact, I think it may be my favorite for this proverb. I really loved "at this point, the mixture should be quite dense"--made me choke on my coffee. Outstanding writing.
This one gets a blue ribbon!! Definitely an original dish. I loved the line about removing the backbone--too good!
Fabulous creative take on this topic. Great writing.
So much truth in this fun to read format. Very clever!
Wow! This is so clever. I enjoyed it's witty warning. Thanks for sharing.
Five stars for creativity.
I really like this one.
Wow! Wonderful writing with amazing creativity! I love everything about this!
As I enjoyed a second-helping, I decided my favorite part was:
"Season with:
1/4 cup lies or reduced-calorie half-truths"
I laughed at "the mixture should be quite dense", too. This is so fresh and that's how old Satan gets us all "mixed" up! You have to have one of the most unique entries this week. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Absolutely outstanding in every aspect!!!
Your idea for the topic wa exceedingly clever and creative, and your served it up perfectly.
I really liked the way you chose the ingrediants for this recipe because 1. they are natural which is in keeping with today's "Green" life style and 2. they show keen insight in the true nature of ourselves.
Really enjoyed this, but think I'll pass on using the recipe. However, I may have to end up eating it from time to time.
Wow, this would be a great read for teens, though it applies to all of us. I hope to see a placement for this creative entry. Thanks for sharing.
WOW! I think you nailed something here! I love the recipe format and you make it so incredibly real with your ingredients! The ending with the excerpt note is the perfect ending and your title certainly follows through on this wonderful piece! This is a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
A creative story that crosses all age groups! Wonderfully written! One of my favorites this week!!
Wow! Too clever! Very original!
Congratulations on your EC Karen. This is so clever, and a great illustration of the job. Great job.
Wonderfully Creative - Congrats Karen!
Incredibly creative. Great job! Gets the proverb across very well. Congrats on your EC win. It is well deserved.
VERY amusing...loved it.
Very creative Karen. Congrats on EC!!!!!!!!!
Well done. Congratulations!
This, Karen, is why you are one of my VERY favorite "new Masters" - and why it is no surprise that you moved up like you did. Absolutely brilliant (and yes, I DEFINITELY laughed). Congratulations.