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This is a moving story and it's still sinking in. Your "company" story has heavenly applications. "I'm not ashamed of having walked beside them" - sounds like what our Lord would say as he looked at your friends as well.
What a confession--one that many of us could probably relate to. I especially loved the opening and closing lines.
Parts of this reminds me of my own life when I was growing up.You have captured the truth of not only wanting to be liked, but realising what is really important.
A tender bittersweet confession. Very moving. Part of me was left wondering what those friends would have had to say about the narrator!
btw I noticed that you accidentally left in Les’ name in the fourth paragraph.
Great story and superb messagae, per usual. You always deliver the goods. BUT, the DELMS and C had me going ( and still does) I know you wouldn't just pick those random letters for no good reason. So, here is my guess: Is it because these letters, by a group of themselves, can not form any word? So thus, maybe, symbolising an "outcast" type group that can only be a word if joined to others? Or something close. Anyway, you got my mind churning.
Great job. God bless.
Wonderful! I love the honesty in this piece. You give us much to think about.
What no vowels to soften your friends impact to the world? Only harsh consonant? But then maybe you are the I, binding them together like the I you might find in kindness. Really enjoyed this piece and its message.
You are so easy to read, Lynda. Your readers can identify with everything you tell us, as if we were right beside you through the classrooms of life. I especially like your final sentence summary. Great job, friend!

Thank you, too, for leaving a comment on my entry. I always appreciate your insights.