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Great last line.
This puts me in mind of the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Good story. I like how you described all the outward changes in Frank that showed an inward change. (but glad he kept the motorcycle)
Good story. Very clever title.
Very good characterization and description. Love the last line too - and the title.
Nice little twist, right on topic, and great title too.
I just LOVE your writing!!!
So glad Christine is going to watch her ways!
Great story, great twist, great title.
Great read. I loved the finish. Very clever title too. Love your work Sir Bill.
Love the double meaning of the title!

This is a really engaging story, entirely realistic and with a well-realized main character.

I'd have ended it with her watching Frank ride off, but that's just my preference.

This one held me from beginning to end...nicely done.
Great story and topic illustration...and the ending makes it even better!
SUPER last line. The easy flow and tone made this a very enjoyable read. Just one teeny complaint...the bad girl shoulda been named Persiphone, or Griselda, or *anything* but Betty . ;0)
Very well done.
I love how the title ties in with the story, and it's a great story, demonstrating the topic both ways. Great!
First, I love the title.

Secondly, If I wasn't happily married, I might have a crush on Frank, also. I could really picture the characters. I enjoyed this completely and was quite impressed with your ability to write about how a woman primps to impress a man. A+
Great story with very real characters. I was glad Frank had a real spiritual experience, not just a pseudo experience to impress others. I always enjoy your writing that never fails to contain a message.
What can I say? Love the title, love the story, love the meaning, ....loved it all! You kept my attention from beginning to end. Great writing!
The title is really clever and the characters don't disappoint, either. Enjoyed this entry!
Great character development through the use of both dialogue and description. I really liked the juxtapostion of thoughts in the church setting. How focused our thoughts can be our outcome so to speak. Great story and writing.
That's amazing that you were able to write from a woman's POV. :) Great work on this. I enjoyed Frank's "turn around". Your ending is great.
Excellent in every aspect. Great title with that double meaning. Great characters, super writing.
Ahhh ... this is a "placer".
Everything from title to last line was just right. As usual, fantastic writing.
Great title and I'm glad she didn't ride off in the sunset with Frank. Great entry. Thanks for the good words.
Your last line is spot on! I like how she did change her plans with Betty-Lou. You made Frank an interesting character that I wanted to keep reading about and Christine seems like the 'good girl' that will keep her head on her shoulders as long as she follows through on her famous 'last line'. Nice writing! ^_^
PERFECT! From the tittle to an ending that delivered, in a big way!! Love it!
***Congratulations!*** Way ta write! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC. This is a great story -- you captured the characters perfectly. And I'm with the others -- super title.
I REALLY loved this piece!!!! Very creative, well written, great characterization and sense of place. Well done!
Great article William, and the last sentence is just perfect. Well done!
Congratulations, SirWilliam! How you manage to get inside your characters (and make us all think the viewpoint individual is actually the writer) is amazing.

I appreciated your comment on my entry, too. My hope is to learn more from the master-writer that you continually prove yourself to be. Thanks, friend!
I knew this story would place. Congratulations! You're on a roll!
Congratulations on your EC. I loved this story and feel you EC is well deserved. You are a masterful writer. (And thanks for your kind comments on my story.)