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Right on topic and very realistic portrayal of insensitive jerks. He should have listened to his inner thoughts. I wonder if he'll ever patch things up?
Sometimes you just want to reach out and 'touch' some people...and this was one of them! I loved how you demonstrated the consequences so clearly. Great story.
This was very well written and I wanted to reach out and slap those jerks. You portrayed them so very well.
If your MC is smart, he'll hang around and try and make it up to Megan and her mother.
LOL see what I mean? You can't help but believe it's real. Which of course it is, because this type of thing happens every day. Well done.
This built up to a great conclusion and how that young man deserved his comeuppance! It was a shame that he hid his kindest comments behind the menu so that the lip reader couldn’t tell what he had said. A very good exposition of the proverb.
Right on topic. Very good job and very realistic. Bravo!
Ouch! Thanks for the great story telling here, masterful use of topic! Keep writing!
Wow. This was certainly a good twist. I didn't see that one coming, ending with the door slamming in his face is certainly a very vivid picture! I hope he learns his lesson, and maybe, just maybe, he can make it up to Megan and her mom. I hope his friends end up learning a thing or too sometime soon themselves. Nice job! ^_^
I really liked this piece. A great take on the topic, fabulous dialogue and depictions of the rude friends. Excellent!
Nice job of irony and I can almost say your main protagonist deserved getting the door slammed in his face. That's because you did such a masterful job describing the mother's plight, making her a very believable, sympathetic character. Great job.
Yes, masterful job. You've got game, as they say. Characters were strong and I liked the emotion you built in.
Good story Peter. The dialogue is powerful and well crafted. It's been fun watching you rise on the radar at FW. It's nice to have another guy helping the few of us males around here break the glass ceiling :)
***Congratulations!*** So glad this placed! ^_^
Congratulations on your EC Peter. This is very, very good. Would be a great skit for youth groups.
Congratulations on this excellent piece! It is well-deserved.
Excellent job, Peter!!1 Congrats on EC. God bless.
I thought I had already commented on this great story. I certainly remember gasping when I read it! Excellent job! Congratulations on your EC placement.
Excellent characterization and an exceptionally strong ending. Congrats, Peter - you deserved your placing for certain.