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I love this creative and uplifting story. It is such a positive example of the topic.
This is a beautifully descriptive article, uniquely creative. I've never swum with dolphins before, but now I have.
I love watching dolphins. Haven't had one come up for a pat, yet. That would be cool. You really captured the grace of their movements. Lovely, lyrical story.
This is gentle, lyrical, serene.
I love the imagery here...such wonderful descriptions. Well done. I have both been near dolphins in the wild, and also patted one (in a marine park, many years ago), so really appreciated this piece. A nice, gentle take on the topic.
This makes me wish I could've seen them. I loved the descriptions and the feel of this piece.
You put the reader right into the water among this gentle group. I like the voices of the characters, too.
I was worried that something was going to happen to Spout - I am so glad it didn't.
I could hear the squeaks and whistles of the dolphins and the men’s laughter. Well done! This is a lovely piece.
Loved it! Very unique, and quite a stretch for you, right? Way to go!
"A blanket of bubbles"...this is just so telling of the creative heart of this writer. Of course this genre is one of my favorites, but you have done it great justice. Thank-you for sharing and lifitng my spirits. By the way, I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington and you have pegged the character of these wonderful creatures beautifully.
Refreshing and engaging! Thanks for the peaceful tale.
Heehee, my impression of this is...CUTE! I enjoyed this look at the dolphin world! It was light and easy flowing, I liked the names you gave them, Spin, Spout, Sonar, etc. Very creative! My only note is it was a little confusing who was up to the boats first, was it Sonar or Spout? (could just be me too-lol) Great writing! ^_^
Delightful! Now,I need a towel to dry off! One of my favorites this week!
Great, sweet story. Here's what my daugther says, "I like Spout the best because he's a little one like me." When we visited Sea World, petting the dolphins was the highlight of the trip. They are beautiful creatures and you did a great job letting us see into their world.
Wow! This was very peaceful. I felt like I was right there. I loved this story. It was oh, so creative!